Five of these symptoms are signs of a long Covid

People who have more than five symptoms in their first week of coronavirus infection have a higher risk of developing a long Covid, study finds.

One more step in understanding the long Covid. It has been observed that SARS-CoV-2 can cause persistent symptoms, including in young adults and in people with little or no history of chronic health and who have not been hospitalized. A French study also showed that 60% of hospitalized patients still have at least one symptom of Covid-19 six months after infection. A new study, published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, shows a link between the number of symptoms and the duration of the disease.

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In their analysis, researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK, listed the ten most common symptoms of long Covid:

  • tiredness ;

  • shortness of breath;

  • muscle pain;

  • cough ;

  • headaches ;

  • joint pain;

  • chest pain;

  • altered odor (or anosmia);

  • diarrhea ;

  • altered taste (or dysgeusia).

Two types of long Covid identified

Research shows that patients with five or more of these symptoms in the first week of coronavirus infection are more likely to develop long Covid afterwards, regardless of age or gender . In particular, researchers have identified two types of long Covid. A first group presented with fatigue, headache and upper respiratory tract disorders while the second group reported symptoms such as continuous fever and gastroenterological disturbances. This analysis also reveals that patients with long Covid still feel sick or are in a more degraded clinical state 8 weeks later.

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Research calls for a better understanding of the long Covid, to diagnose it more systematically in people with many symptoms and to follow these patients in a more personalized way to limit the impact of the disease on their daily life and prevent them from “suffering in silence “.

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