Fitovinany – A weekend under the sign of education

A busy schedule. Education was in the spotlight in the Vatovavy Fitovinany region over the weekend. Marie Michelle Sahondrarimalala, Minister of National Education, made her first tour of the year there.

For two days, she was successively in Ifanadiana and Mananjary. During her trip to the Vatovavy Fitovinany region, Minister Sahondrarimalala explained to local officials, but above all to stakeholders in the education sector, the reasons why the State decided to free registration in public establishments. She also took the opportunity to reassure the teachers concerned about the payment of subsidies. “The procedure is underway”, maintains the member of the government.

During her speech in Mananjary, the Minister of National Education also touched on the recruitment of FRAM teachers. She indicated that the 7th and 8th waves of recruitment will take place this year. That the areas where the quota was relatively low, will see the number of recruitments increase. In this trip to the Vatovavy Fitovinany region, Marie Michelle Sahondrarimalala brought in her purse equipment for schools, such as tables-benches, as well as educational material.

School kits made up of “Rakibolana” and other teaching material were distributed to students during this trip by the Minister of National Education. Yesterday, Marie Michelle Sahondrarimalala took advantage of her visit to Mananjary to visit two reception centers for abandoned twins. The strengthening of collaboration between the Ministry of National Education and these centers was mentioned. The Minister gave “Rakibolana” to the children in the centers.

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