First time in Thailand! Biotech researches “alternative protein from microorganisms” to replace meat.

20 March 2021


Biotech NSTDA launches research achievements “Alternative protein from microorganisms” or “Mycoprotein” produced in Thailand for the first time. Together with private companies to develop “artificial mince” and “instant food products” to market.

Dr. Kobkul Laoteng, Senior Researcher Ingredients, Function and Food Innovation Research Group National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotech), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) disclosed in the press conference of NSTDA Annual Conference 2021 (NAC).2021) that Consumers prefer to eat alternative protein. Due to health care And concerns about the safety of meat that may be found to be contaminated with antibiotics. Including various diseases That the animal may have been attached to It provides alternative protein products, such as plant protein, insect protein. Including protein from microorganisms that are available for sale in the market.

“Protein from microorganisms or mycoprotein (Mycoprotein) It is not a new product. Because it is already being sold in Europe In the past, it was unable to produce by ourselves. And are imported from abroad But now the biotech research team NSTDA has been able to successfully develop technology for the production of microbial protein. Considered to be technology of Thai people And produced from microorganisms found in the country ”

By the development of technology The research team recruited safe microbial strains. It is food grade And efficient in production With outstanding features 1. It is a microorganism that produces large amounts of protein. and 3It’s a safe microbial strain. Does not produce toxins or mycotoxins (Mycotoxin) That are harmful to consumers The research team used the mycotin fibers produced to be analyzed to ensure their safety. After obtaining suitable microbial strains There is a development of production process technology.Both at the laboratory level And prototype factory In order to be ready to extend to the industry level

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“The proteins that microbes produce are fibrous, similar to meat. But the research team has improved the physical structure further to achieve better texture. Now the product will look like minced meat. It can be used for cooking seasonings instead of ground meats such as burgers, basil, basil, chili ong, as well as alternative protein-based sago. In the future, there are plans to develop into more meat-like chunks. Does not contain cholesterol It also contains all essential amino acids, fiber, vitamin, and beta-glucan. Do not use chemicals And no antibiotics However, now the biotech research team NSTDA has joined with Thai Roong Ruang Industry Co., Ltd., the owner of the brand “Lin Sugar”, a major sugar producer and exporter of Thailand. Continuing research on a semi-industrial level Including research and development to add the value of alternative protein to artificial meat products “

Mrs.Achara Nanchawee, Sales and Marketing Director, Thai Roong Ruang Industry Co., Ltd. Says that sugar is now seen as a health hazard. And campaigning to eat less sugar The company is trying to look for innovation that will extend the production to new products. That has more value Until I met the research on the development of mycoproteins from microorganisms by Biotech NSTDA. And formed a research and development cooperation Since the production process requires sugar as food for microorganisms. Together with alternative proteins are “Food trend of the future” It is a new type of food industry that is likely to grow significantly.


“Right now, we look at product development to ready-made food. Including selling artificial meat raw materials to various food factories Because consumers today love health more Observations from the new generation of consumers who have switched to eating large amounts of plant protein Or even in the elderly who have dental and digestive problems Cannot eat large amounts of meat. Microbial protein is an alternative to it. It also answers the needs of people who love the environment. As for the progress of product development, it is now under research to optimize texture like meat, good taste and low cost of production to remain competitive in the market. Expected to be able to launch the product by the end of 2021. this”

People interested in research “Alternative Protein from Microbes” Food Innovation of the New World Food business, a new perspective for the future You can follow more at the 16th Annual Meeting of the NSTDA. (NAC2021: NSTDA Annual Conference 2021) Which will be held online. During 2530 March 2564 This is free registration at no cost. Ask for more information 02-5648000


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