First graduation ceremony of the KISS Deemed to be University

Bhubaneswar, Indien (ots/PRNewswire) Founded in 1992/93 and based in Odisha, the KISS Deemed to be University institute will hold its first graduation ceremony for graduates on June 27, 2021. For the ceremony, the organizers have chosen a mixed format of face-to-face and virtual events – taking into account the COVID-19 regulations. 143 students receive the certificates for their successfully completed Master’s and M. Phil courses. The best and most promising graduates will also receive Founder’s Gold Medals, Chancellor’s Gold Medals and Vice Chancellor’s Silver Medals at the celebrations.

The focus of the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) is on raising confident and determined individuals. The institute offers 60,000 local children from the eastern state of Odisha in India free education, accommodation, medical care and opportunities for free professional, athletic and artistic education. .

The students come from 62 different tribal communities in the region, 13 of which are particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTGs). The central campus in Bhubaneswar alone takes care of a total of 30,000 students.

Milestones and new perspectives

The KISS has a strong alumni base: the institute has already opened up new perspectives for 30,000 boys and girls. In addition, over 10,000 students will soon be studying in 10 KISS branches in Odisha. The KISS has indirectly had a positive impact on the lives of over a million indigenous children and young people – a milestone in the further development of the tribal children who had previously been socially dependent for years.

A dream becomes true

“I like to think back to the days when I came up with the idea for the project – the idea for a social institution with a very special character. I wanted to make the impossible possible.”, Says KIIT and KISS founder Prof. (Dr .) Achyuta Samanta.

“When I remember the time when I founded the Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS), I humbly and with a laughing heart thank our creator. The institute is like a garden that I created myself, and that one already After a short time it shone in full bloom. The seeds sprouted within a few years. In the meantime, the KISS is like a strong tree with a gigantic canopy, under which millions of people find shelter, “adds Prof. (Dr.) Samanta.

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“Our big dream began in 1992/93 with 125 students. Then the project took a brilliant development that exceeded our wildest expectations. The whole thing is an inspiring story of social transformation. Back then, I laid the foundation for the KISS full of humility and trust. Never would have I expect the project to develop so rapidly, to gain such momentum and promote the education of indigenous boys and girls in such a way. We have always remained true to our basic principle: to strengthen people through education, “adds Prof. (Dr.) Samanta .

An institute that strengthens society

The Indian education system continues to suffer from a high number of early school leavers. The KISS has achieved a lot in its more than 30-year history: There are now fewer school dropouts and child marriages, less sexual harassment, left-wing extremism and attempts at religious conversion, fewer uneducated people and superstition – all thanks to the education and support measures of the KISS.

The institute created awareness of the importance of education, the upbringing of young girls to be confident women, further training, professional development and entrepreneurship. In cooperation with the tribal communities, the KISS has formed responsible individuals from people who take care of their ecosystem, their nature and compliance with the goals for sustainable development.

Rise to international renown

Because of its impeccable record, the KISS was named the world’s first exclusive indigenous Deemed to be University in 2017 – a special university status awarded by the Ministry of the then department of the government of India that was responsible for population development. “While we were expanding the KISS, we always had the university status in mind in order to increase the credibility of this institution, in which indigenous scientists concentrate on tribal research,” says Prof. (Dr.) Samanta.

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The KISS experienced another high point in 2015 with its international recognition and worldwide support. The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations granted the KISS advisory status this year. But that was still not the top. The institute then rose to become one of the leading academic organizations. For example, the KISS has worked with numerous UN agencies and bodies on various projects to develop new capacities – from UNFPA to UNEP and UNDP to UNICEF, UN Women and the US Consulate.

Meeting point for leading minds

Word quickly got around about the services of the KISS. It wasn’t long before Nobel Prize winners, legal luminaries, academics, politicians, leaders, writers, and celebrities visited the facility, immersed themselves in its culture, and showered the organization with praise. With the KISS Humanitarian Award, the institute has established an award for special services to humanity.

The next big leap in development was not long in coming: The KISS was soon the meeting place for leading academics. Its successes made the KISS Deemed as a university an important hub of science, which more and more respected scientists joined –

like Satya S. Tripathi in the role of the chancellor. Tripathi was previously Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. He also headed the New York branch of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Other outstanding members of the panel are Pro-Chancellor Dr. Upendra Tripathy, IAS (Retd), Vice-Chancellor Dr. Deepak Behera, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Pitabasa Sahoo and General Director Dr. Kanhu Charan Mahali. Under her leadership, the KISS Deemed to be University is sure to set new standards in terms of student performance, research, collaboration and academic success.

The first graduation ceremony is a very special event for the KISS, which is also celebrated accordingly. Prof. Ganeshi Lal, the governor of Odisha, will take part in the virtual ceremony. The well-respected scholar receives an honorary doctorate as Doctor of Letters at the first graduation ceremony.

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There are also other Honoris Causa titles for high-ranking, successful and celebrated Odias heads. They include Shri Girish Chandra Murmu, Hon’ble Comptroller and Auditor General of India, respected by all tribes, in Odisha and throughout India, as well as Hon. Swarup Ranjan Mishra, Member of Parliament of the Kenyan Kesses Constituency, who is also the founding chairman of the Mediheal Group of Hospitals is in Kenya, as well as the fashion and costume designer Bibhu Mohapatra from New York.

“On this historic occasion, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all KIIT stakeholders for their reliable support. I would like to thank all of the well-wishers of KISS for their dedication and for believing in our cause. I am also the staff and students of KIIT and the Thanks to KISS for their tireless efforts. They made the KISS what it is today “, says Prof (Dr.) Samanta.

“The KISS started as an idea, became a revolution and spawned more and more offshoots – always with the premise of finding local solutions to global problems. We see the KISS Deemed to be University as a think tank for important tribal issues and academic discourse a place where scientists deal with tribal politics, indigenous laws, tribal culture and the importance of tribes in their discussions and analyzes. We want to continuously improve the KISS – in order to advance general development and the development of society as a whole. “, explains Prof (Dr.) Samanta.

“As Ernst Hemingway said one thing: ‘There is nothing noble about being superior to others. It is really noble to be superior to oneself.’ The KISS Deemed to be University is an institution that thinks into the future. We modestly strive for top academic performance “, concludes Prof (Dr.) Samanta.

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