First graders visiting the farm – Lustenau

The 1b class of the Rotkreuz elementary school experienced the farm up close for one morning.

The 1b class of the Rotkreuz elementary school visited the Riedmannhof and experienced their animals up close.

Lustenau “We haven’t been able to do anything with the students for so long. We really wanted to visit the farm, ”explains Rebecca Schmidt, class teacher at 1b at the Rotkreuz elementary school. The children were very happy to be able to go on an excursion with the school. A novelty for the first graders, as they have only been to school until now due to Corona. “The students were excited and really looking forward to this morning on the farm,” said Schmidt.

Farmer Martina Riedmann was already waiting for the students at the Riedmannhof. She has been welcoming school classes to her farm for over ten years and teaches the children how to treat animals respectfully. The project is called “School on the Farm” and is organized nationwide by the rural training institute (lfi). “It is important that the children learn that every animal has its value and its function,” says Riedmann. With her, the students learn that fattening hens, which are primarily kept for meat, can have a nice time. “Every animal has a place to run around and is kept in a species-appropriate manner.” They get interesting insights into what can be made with milk, which feed the animals prefer and see where the egg comes from.

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“Wow, the hen has just laid an egg,” rang out in front of the chicken coop. The first graders watched closely as the egg got into the nest. Immediately afterwards they supplied the roosters Fridolin and Anton and their flock of hens with breadcrumbs. The children could also experience rabbits, guinea pigs and horses up close. A highlight for many was the feeding of the cows. Equipped with small shovels, they eagerly shoveled the feed to the cows. Riedmann explained how important it is that no garbage is carelessly thrown into nature. Because that could be fatal for the animals. The children listened carefully and took good care of the animals. “Not everyone in our class has been to the farm before. That is why this morning was an experience for all of us, ”said Schmidt. Bvs


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