First concert of the centenary: the Sans-souci are sold out

Beautiful emotion, Saturday evening at the Théâtre des Trois-Ponts for the first concert of the year of the centenary of the Sans-Souci: no less than 100 musicians were present for the anniversary of the creation of the musical union.

The New Year’s concert offered by musicians from the city and greater Lauragais is always a great time for music lovers but, in this month of January 2023, the anniversary date of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the musical union of the sans -concern by Paul Vialette, the performance lived up to the event: exceptional!

For the occasion, no less than 100 musicians were present under the direction of the “fantastic four” chefs of the day. Christophe Cazanave, happy president of the association in this memorable year, insisted on the vocation of the sans-souci: “To promote music in a spirit of sharing and friendship between generations, thanks in particular to the strong bond of exchange that exists between the sans-souci and the inter-municipal school”. The musicians of the mini-soucis, whose feet barely touch the ground when they are well planted in front of their desk, opened the concert under the direction of Frédérique, followed by the little-soucis led by Antoine and by the Sans-souci under the direction of Bernard Grimaud, whose emotion at taking up the baton for this centenary was palpable and communicative: “I have often dreamed of a formation bringing together all the musicians, young and old. It required a particular alignment of planets and that the chefs say “OK, we’re doing it” so that tonight my dream becomes reality!”. Between each piece, Bernard Grimaud recalled the strong moments of the association, evoking the municipal lyre which preceded it, the arrival in 1963 of Monique, the first woman admitted to the orchestra and still present this Saturday (it is say if the atmosphere is good) and presenting each piece with a little anecdote. The program was particularly rich and its execution virtuoso: over the years, the musical union has been able to renew its repertoire by offering pieces that speak to everyone, from the classics of John Willimas to the paso doble, passing by the Cuban rhythms of Compay Segundo or the traditional Radetsky march accompanied by applause from the public.

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