First concert in the Heini nursery in Lucerne

Concert in the «Klanghotel» series: From the mountains to the oasis in the city

It worked on the alp. The relaxed music project “Klanghotel” caused a great response. Is the transfer to Lucerne successful? We watched and listened to it.

Concert of the “Klanghotel” series for the first time in the Heini Garden Center in Lucerne with the jazz trio Ama Anna.

Image: Eveline Beerkircher (March 5, 2022)

A Russian, a Bulgarian and a Colombian serve dinner. Warm live music by three Swiss jazz musicians brings the evening to a close. In normal times, a broad merging of cultures is the norm in the arts and hospitality industry. Today this constellation stands out. Russia’s attack on Ukraine shifts perceptions. The evening in the Heini event garden in the Sankt Karli district in Lucerne is not intended as a statement. At least not against the war.

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