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Almost 50 years after its first appearance, the regular edition has finally arrived!
Toscanini Memorial Concert 1957
“His 75 years of musical life was an idol and a threat to other performers.”-Bruno Walter

Co-starring Walter, Munch and Monteux
First reprint from the New York Public Library master tape
First-time limited 1-disc price (UHQCD 2-disc set 1-disc price)


January 16, 1957. Toscanini who had a big death while sleeping. The “Memorial Concert” was held at Carnegie Hall on February 3rd. A legendary concert in which the three great masters (Walter, Munch, Monteux = stage order), who had a close relationship with Toscanini, each played Toscanini’s eighteenth. The orchestra is the former NBC Symphony Orchestra Symphony of the Air. It turned out that it also served as a fund concert for the musician’s elderly housing with Care “Casa Verdi” in Milan, which Toscanini had been supporting for a long time. This time, commercialization from the master tape in the New York Public Library has been realized. Not to mention the wonderfulness of the performance. Moreover, the dynamic range of the sound quality of this board is not comparable to that of the existing boards. The rich sound of Carnegie Hall is recorded tightly. The first LP from the Walter Association was released in 1973. It will be the first regular release after almost 50 years.
Walter was over 80 years old, but on January 23, just before this concert, he performed as a guest at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Furthermore, on February 17, he performed the “Resurrection” of the New York Philharmonic and Marler. At the same time, it is a time when the energy and physical strength of recording in the studio is remarkable. “Hero” is based on a calm tempo, but he makes full use of delicate and effective tempo changes, and the timpani’s bang is tremendous, and it is also famous that Professor Koho Uno praised it. There is a true theory that this famous performance was from Markevitch conducting the orchestra just before (recording session), but the famous trio of the third movement horn is low (small) at first and high (small) next. Walter is the only exquisite commander who makes the march approach from a distance. The appearance of controlling the applause of the audience after the performance is also impressive.
Munch’s “sea”. I am overwhelmed by its excitement. You will be dazzled by the luster of the tone. It is said that he dislikes practicing, but even in guest performances, the usual way of piercing the sound of shooting an arrow with a bun is thorough everywhere. “Enigma” can only be described as Monteux’s stubbornness. It is a masterpiece with a relaxed tempo and a bitter sadness. Shake the same orchestra on the same day and this obvious difference in tone. The great conductors of this era are impressed that their musical ideals were clear.
(Tobu Landsystem)

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“Toscanini Memorial Concert”
(1) Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 “Hero”
(2) Debussy: Symphonic poem “The Sea”
(3) Elgar: Enigma Variations
Theme (Andante)[1’08”]
Variation I. The same tempo “CAE”[1’39”]
Variation II. Allegro “H.D.S-P.”[0’45”]
Variation III. Allegretto “R.B.T.”[1’16”]
Variation IV. Allegro di molto “WMB”[0’26”]
Variation V. Moderato “R.P.A.”[1’47”]
Variation VI. Andantino “Ysobel”[1’17”]
Variation VII. Presto “Troyte”[0’56”]
Variation VIII. Allegretto “W.N.”[1’38”]
Variation IX. Adagio “Nimrod”[3’39”]
Variation X. Intermezzo: Allegretto “Dorabella”[2’33”]
Variation XI. Allegro di molto “GRS”[0’54”]
Variation XII. Andante “B.G.N.”[2’09”]
Variation XIII. Romance: Moderate “* * *”[2’29”]
Variation XIV. Final: Allegro Presto “EDU”[4’36”]

(1) Bruno Walter (conductor)
(2) Charles Munch (conductor)
(3) Pierre Monteux (conductor)
Symphony of the Air

Recording: February 3, 1957 Carnegie Hall, live recording


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