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The new device, based on traditional black-and-white radiography, integrates particle tracking technology developed for CERN’s large particle accelerator LHC (the large hadron collider), which in 2012 discovered the famous elementary particle elusive, the Higgs boson.

“This color X-ray imaging technique could produce clearer and more precise images and help doctors give more precise diagnoses to their patients,” CERN said in a statement.

According to CERN, the images show very clearly the difference between bone, muscle and cartilage, but also the position and size of cancerous tumors, for example.

CERN’s technology, dubbed Medipix, works like a camera detecting and counting individual subatomic particles when they collide with pixels while its electronic shutter is open.

This allows for high resolution, high contrast images.

Thus, this new imaging tool provides images that no other imaging device can achieve, according to developer Phil Butler of the University of Canterbury (New Zealand).

The New Zealand company MARS Bioimaging Ltd, markets this 3D scanner, called Spectral CT.

In the coming months, this scanner, equipped with a Medipix reading chip, will be the subject of a first clinical trial on orthopedic and rheumatology patients in New Zealand, paving the way for a potentially routine use of this device. new generation equipment, according to CERN.


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