Fire protection: Fire brigade exercises at more than 400 degrees Celsius


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More than 120 participants train the most dangerous task in the container

In a gas-fired fire training container, more than 120 firefighters made out the weirs Autenried, Aletshausen, Deffingen, Denzingen, Günzburg, Leinheim, Memmenhausen, Nornheim, Reisensburg, Riedhausen, Wasserburg as well as a hot training session from the fire brigades of the BKH and the Arkema company.

After a brief briefing on the structure, protective effect and correct application of the flame protection clothing, handling of the hollow jet pipes, effective fire fighting and the necessary behavior in the event of a flue gas ignition, the so-called “flash-over”, it went into practice.

First, a heated exercise door had to be opened. It continued into the container, in which the troops had to cope with the following scenarios: fire in a bed and a wall unit, fire in a staircase, fire in a power distribution box and a burning gas valve.

The troops were directed to the fire area on the ground floor or to the “basement” by stairs. The operators of the facility, all of whom were active at the Günzburg volunteer fire brigade, were able to give instructions by radio, and great importance was attached to ensuring that the troops gave the appropriate feedback.

The procedure was made more difficult with recorded noises such as the cries of children or the crackling of a fire and a fog machine. The thermal stress at temperatures above 400˚C created additional stress for the Florian disciples. In the event of a detonation, the squad had to throw themselves on the ground as quickly as possible and use the spray steel of the hollow jet pipes as a “protective shield”. This was often practiced in order to give the troops the necessary routine in real action.

The most important thing in the internal attack is that the squad represents a well-coordinated team, because only in this way can fire fighting be successful and accidents avoided. The internal attack is still the most dangerous job that fire departments have to do.

The number of fires is, according to the fire Department Günzburg has been declining in recent years, which is why training is all the more important, especially since insulation materials used more and more often in buildings can pose a risk. The exercise was discussed immediately after each round in order to avoid the mistakes made during the next round. (zg)

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