Fire protection and technical defects: Bayer is renovating its casino from the ground up


Leverkusen –

Bayer’s magnificent building on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee no longer meets security requirements. Therefore the casino will be rebuilt for more than a year. The company announced on Monday that handwork had to be done almost everywhere in the house.

From January 2020 the restaurant “Zum Löwen” will be closed for a good year. The historic conference rooms of the casino on the ground floor will be closed for a little longer – until summer 2021. The hotel in the east wing of the casino also needs to be rebuilt. This should be done in sections so that around half of the rooms can always be booked. The renovation of the hotel is expected to drag on until winter 2021/22. The hotel reception on the ground floor will be relocated for fire safety reasons.

According to the company, the renovation also includes repairs to the roof and a new facade painting. The renovation of the building should not mean any restrictions for the workforce: the building is one of the largest canteens in Chempark. However, building materials must be stored and cranes set up next to and in front of the house. For this reason, walking and cycling paths in the building are closed in phases. There are also no parking spaces. (tk)


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