Fingerprint sensor under the entire screen: it will soon be possible to put this technology on LCD screens | Tianma Microelectronics


One of the limitations with the fingerprint sensor on the screen is it works at one point specific cell phone, although technology has advanced and the area of ​​recognition of fingerprints also continues to increase with a more version new of technology.

Tianma Microelectronics, based in China, has developed a fingerprint recognition solution multipoint on the device screen, this means that you can to unlock your phone from any part on the screen.

The company explains that it is a technology internal where the image processing component is embedded on a TFT screen substrate.

In addition, the Chinese company claims to have used the design of optical path for this on-screen technology reduces the module thickness by about 50% compared to other solutions fingerprints.

According to information from Gizmochina, recently, China Star Optoelectronics Technology, announced its new technology of fingerprints on LCD screens, it is claimed to cover around the 92% of the screen area.

These new technologies are expected to appear in the next few generations of smart phones. While the pandemic has delayed many plans for production, several companies already plan manufacturing in time of this new technology of fingerprint.

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