find lost animals and allow the shepherd not to be on the ground

Every time drones are used more to graze in the field, they are used to watch over the cattle from the sky without forcing the shepherd to move to the field. Drones help, for example, to find lost or misplaced animals.

Some herders and ranchers have been technically prepared to obtain their license as a drone pilot. They use drones in the field to reach inaccessible places where cattle are, to detect a lagging animal or a sick one. High technology comes to the field from a bird’s eye view.

José Carlos prepares to fly his drone and it acts as a shepherd for them. The shepherd chooses where the area that he wants the device to fly over, either simply to watch over the cattle or to find a lost animal.

“Covers a lot of space in a very short time”

If we are missing an animal we always use the drone to find it. It saves us many trips, “explains Ricardo Díaz, from Agropecuaria Ventillano.

Also, with the help of the drone you can check if the animals have water, if there are broken fences, in short, they are farmers and drone pilots: “With the drone we can reach places that are very difficult to access and we cover a lot of space in a very short time,” says José Carlos Marín, from the Díaz Torres cattle ranch.

It is not a normal activity, you have to be very skilled as these drones can scare animals, but that the winners know it and dominate it. The drone is the spy of the skies of modern shepherds, now rural Spain, flies.

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