Find a job without work experience in Mogilev

“I want to work, but they won’t take me anywhere!” – Today, the term is irrelevant, because the Department for Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Mogilev City Executive Committee helps even schoolchildren in finding a job. The unemployed without education are first assisted in obtaining a profession.

Change career after 40

Today, unemployed citizens, with the assistance of the Labor, Employment and Social Protection Department of the Mogilev City Executive Committee, can gain professional knowledge in more than 20 professions.

– Services in the direction of education are provided to unemployed citizens free of charge. Upon completion, a state-recognized certificate of assignment of a qualification category is issued. During the period of training, a scholarship is paid and the right to receive material assistance is provided, – explained in the department for labor, employment and social protection of the Mogilev City Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the department).

Recently, Valentina Ivanova took advantage of this opportunity (name and surname changed for ethical reasonsapprox. ed.). After leaving school, the woman got married, gave birth to four children (now divorced). It was not possible to get a profession at a young age, but Valentina did not sit idle. She worked either as a nurse in a hospital, or as a cleaner of premises, a janitor.

At 43, the woman decided to change her life and get a more prestigious profession. Since childhood, she dreamed of being a salesperson. I learned from friends that in management they can help me first learn this specialty, and then find a job.

– The training lasted 2 months, which was not easy, because. there was no income, and we lived on scholarships and financial assistance from the state,” says Valentina.

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Now the woman works as a salesperson in one of the shops in Mogilev and says: “It’s never too late to learn!”

Pocket money without the help of parents

The department also helps students and schoolchildren find jobs for the summer. The list of specialties can be found on the website of the department.

“Adolescents can work from the age of 14, but subject to the consent of one of the parents, and from the age of 16, the guys can make such a decision on their own,” the department added.

Schoolchildren can apply with a similar question at their place of study. Teenagers are engaged in repair work in school classrooms and classrooms, improvement of educational institutions and social protection institutions, tailoring of garments, restoration of the library book fund, production of soft toys and souvenirs, stands, etc.

For example, 17-year-old Maria Kovaleva (name and surname changed for ethical reasons – approx. ed.) is now preparing to enter college and at the same time works as an assistant seamstress in one of the organizations of Mogilev.

“Since childhood, I love to sew, so when I got a job, I knew everything that was required of me, and I joined the work without any problems,” says Maria. – I sewed a dress for my own graduation, I haven’t bought summer skirts and dresses for a long time either.

According to the girl, the salary is not very high, but it is enough to buy fabric and accessories for sewing new things.

To work in retirement

Retired Lyudmila Petrova (name and surname changed for ethical reasons – approx. ed.) applied to the department because she was looking for a part-time job, but could not find a suitable vacancy anywhere. They helped the Mogilev resident in this matter. Now she works as an assistant cook in one of the institutions of the city.

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By the way, there are a number of vacancies in management today. In CJSC “Mogilev Carriage Works” a painter is required (s.p. 1600 rubles), a driller (s.p. 1300 rubles.), an electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines (s.p. 1000 rubles.), a mechanic for the repair of rolling composition (cp 1000 rubles).

At Mogilev Metallurgical Plant OJSC: metal pourer (salary from 960 rubles), shop power engineer (salary from 830 rubles), shop mechanic (salary from 830 rubles), laboratory assistant-metallographer (z.p. from 545 rubles).

Also, at some enterprises, the vacancy of an engineer for labor protection is relevant (OJSC Mogilevgazstroy – salary of 900 rubles, OJSC Olsa – salary of more than 1000 rubles, PUP “Metiz” of the NGO “Belarusian Society of the Deaf” – 650 rubles, MGKU “Road and Bridge Enterprise” – salary 650 rubles).


Photo by Stepan TYUSHKEVICH

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