Financing of “Odessa Polytechnic” will increase: the university was given the status of a national

By the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 593/2021 of November 23, 2021, the Odessa Polytechnic University was given the status of a national one.

The full text of the Decree “On granting the State University” Odessa Polytechnic “the status of national” is published on the website of the Office of the President.

“To support the proposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to grant the State University” Odessa Polytechnic “national status and in the future to call it – National University” Odessa Polytechnic “, – says the text of the Decree.

In connection with the assignment of the status of “national”, the university will now receive a number of advantages – more trust from the state, less bureaucracy. The National University is accredited every 10 years, in contrast to conventional universities, which are certified every 5 years. This is a great relief for university staff, because a heap of documents must be prepared separately for the accreditation of each specialty. Also, the election of the rector at the national university takes place not in 5, but in 7 years.

National students are more likely to receive a scholarship. Now the state does not finance 100% scholarships for universities. But if ordinary universities give up to 70% of the need, then national more.

Also, representatives of national universities have a primary right to participate in grants and various programs of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine.

Teachers can increase their salaries. The National University has the right to double the hourly wages of teachers.

In addition, a diploma from a National University is a more prestigious document of higher education than just a university diploma.

As Odessa News reported, in October 2021, the President of Ukraine granted the Odessa Art Museum a national status and instructed to work out the issue of naming the museum after its deceased leader Alexander Roytburd.

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