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Bolzano – companies finance the training of seven future engineers.

Some member companies of the Entrepreneurs’ Association of South Tyrol and the Free University of Bolzano have signed an agreement with the aim of counteracting brain drain and arousing interest in technical areas. The companies provide scholarships of 10,000 euros each for the top seven students who are admitted to the three-year bachelor’s degree in industrial and mechanical engineering. The initiative wants to prevent the brain drain from South Tyrol and encourage young people to make their acquired knowledge available to local companies.

The initiative relies on high-quality training for young people and wants to establish collaborations during their studies that can lead to a position in the company: a “win-win” situation from which all those involved can benefit. The project to support talent in engineering, which was started by an agreement between the Free University of Bozen and the Entrepreneurs’ Association of South Tyrol, provides for the funding of scholarships by seven companies for the same number of students on the bachelor’s degree in industrial and mechanical engineering.

The basic idea is to support the training of future engineers, who are to be introduced to operational reality and production processes at the same time, so that they can contribute their capital in ideas and knowledge after graduation. In addition to supporting the three-year course in industrial and mechanical engineering, the project also contributes to the sustainability of the university education system in this area. The new offer strengthens the already existing cooperation between the employers’ association and unibz in areas such as dual studies or a degree in wood engineering and is very promising in terms of future synergies as soon as the engineering faculty at NOI Techpark is established in the next few years.

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Well-known South Tyrolean companies from various sectors are involved in the project: adddam GmbH, Athesia Druck GmbH, Duka AG, GRUBER Logistics AG, Microtec GmbH, Oberalp Group and Würth GmbH. From the coming academic year 2021/2022, they will pay a scholarship to students who enroll in one of the branches of study (mechanical engineering, energy engineering, logistics and production engineering, automation) of the industrial and mechanical engineering course. The training is characterized by a high degree of personalization of the curriculum, the completion of an internship and the writing of the thesis in the company that supports the training. With a grant of 10,000 euros (for the three years), the companies support the seven students who achieved the highest number of points when they were admitted to the course.

“I already formulated it in my inaugural address: We see the Free University of Bolzano as our best partner to drive forward challenges such as mental openness, new skills, innovation and cooperation between companies and research institutions. We want to significantly strengthen this partnership and this agreement is a first concrete step in this direction. We want to rely on our young people and their education: that is the best investment in the future of our country, ”says Heiner Oberrauch, President of the South Tyrolean Entrepreneurs’ Association.

“The agreement with the employers’ association is an important incentive for young people to complete technical training that offers them many career and personal development opportunities. In order to secure the development and prosperity in South Tyrol and to help the companies to remain competitive in the global markets, the best investment is to focus on the education of the new generations in the technical-scientific field and to reward merit and quality ” , says Rector Paolo Lugli. “This new collaboration, which is added to existing joint projects between unibz and the employers’ association, is an important step in this direction. We would like more and more companies to participate in the future. “

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