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Yuko Sakuda, a wool felt writer who always makes cute works, has a dream of “filling the house with animals”. The “squirrel climbing on the electric cover”, which was completed as the first step, is attracting attention.

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Mr. Sakuda has had this dream for seven years before he created the wool felt work. The squirrel, “I made it for myself for the first time in a long time,” wasn’t for sale, so I couldn’t spend much time, and it took only two days to complete it.

Mr. Sakuda says, “Actually, I haven’t made it so carefully,” although I have devised ways to make it look like the real thing, such as adding a beard and making nails. However, no matter how you look at it, it’s a real squirrel. It looks like it’s about to start moving.

As mentioned above, this squirrel is the first step in a dream. In the future, “hedgehogs trying to climb the bookshelf”, “squirrels climbing on the kitchen counter (keeping cookies on top)”, flying squirrels on the ceiling, and making holes in the floor. He is planning to make a house that looks like he is living with many animals.

I’m excited to imagine a completed house, but I’m busy with work now, and it seems that the number of animals will not increase for the time being. I want to slowly watch over the completion of my dream house. By the way, he said that he would make this squirrel for sale as well, and said, “I would be happy if you could decorate it in a nice house.”

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Yuko Sakuda (@yucococafe)

(Keisuke Sato)

Filling the house with animals Wool felt writer takes the first step towards a dream


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