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Mustafa Mohamed records and celebrates Zamalek’s goal in Military Production

The season is not over yet, and Mustafa Mohamed can increase his goal tally in the league championship, but the international striker has reached a good number so far already.

Mostafa Mohamed’s goal with Zamalek in front of El Entag El Harby was his ninth in the league championship this season, as the third-highest scorer in the league behind Abdullah Al-Saeed (16 goals), and Mohamed Sharif (10 goals), and equally with Seif El Din Al Jaziri.


Mostafa Mohamed became the fourth outspoken striker from Zamalek to reach 9 goals in one season for the league championship since 2010.

Ahmed Jaafar reached this number in two consecutive seasons, and on behalf of Morsi he reached 18 goals in the 2014/2015 season, and Kabongo Kasungu scored 10 goals in the season before last.

Here is a list of the most recorded of the outspoken Zamalek strikers in the last 10 years.

2009/2010 – Ahmed Jaafar, 9 goals

2010/2011 – Ahmed Jaafar, 9 goals

2011/2012 – Razak Automoyosi – 4 goals (unfinished season)

2012/2013 – Abdullah Cisse and Ahmed Jafar – 4 goals (unfinished season)

2013/2014 – Ahmed Ali – 9 goals

2014/2015 – Basem Morsi – 18 goals

2015/2016 – Basem Morsi – 7 goals

2016/2017 – Basem Morsi – 7 goals

2017/2018 – Kabongo Kasongo – 10 goals

2018/2019 – Omar Al-Saeed – 5 goals

2019/2020 – Mostafa Mohamed – 9 goals (so far)

Mustafa Mohamed, by reaching his ninth goal in the league this season, is three goals away from his best goalscoring record in the league since the beginning of his career (12 goals) in the last 2018/2019 season with Talaa Al-Jaish.

The 22-year-old also reached his 30th goal in the league championship in general.

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