FilGoal | News | Awad is angry: No one is sane, who trades sickness for the sake of the league .. Mustafa Fathi was infected with Corona


Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Awad exploded in anger because he was accused by some of not being infected with the Corona virus, after he declared the second sample negative.

Awad said: “I do not imagine that this will happen. Can you imagine that any sane person would trade in disease for football?”

He added in his remarks on Channel One, “No one is sane enough to trade in the disease. I don’t know what to do more than publishing the picture of the analysis.”

He continued, “What is my relationship with the return of the league or not? Cora Awad is not the one who will stop the league. The decision to return the league is a decision by the state and everyone respects the decision of the state.”

And he continued his speech by saying: “The second anchor came negative and continues in the house isolation until the end of the 14-day period, after which I will be subject to the third anointment.”

He pointed out, “Egyptian clubs have 27 cases of corona injury, and today Mustafa Fathi has also been confirmed as corona, so why do we only talk about” Corona Awad “as if the decision is in my hands.”

“I was able to not declare my injury at all, but I did so because I mixed with a lot of people,” he stressed.

Awad continued his speech, saying: “Some say where are the cars that are analyzed in the streets? They are not cars that are analyzed, but there is one of the places of the Ministry of Health present in front of the American University and anyone who is able to go there and perform the analysis step from inside his car.”

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