Figure of the working day. “Porcelain tales”. September 12, 2023

It is said that in the lifetime of the famed French bacteriologist Louis Pasteur there was these kinds of an unusual incident. It was on the working day when the scientist was studying the lifestyle of the smallpox virus in his laboratory that an uninvited visitor abruptly burst into him.

The stranger termed himself the next of a scandalous Parisian nobleman, who believed that the scientist experienced offended him in some way. In accordance to the stranger, that offended snob demanded an rapid duel.

Pasteur calmly listened to the messenger and stated:
– Effectively, well, superior. But if I am called to a duel, then it is I who have the appropriate to decide on the weapon. Now search here. Before you are two flasks: a single incorporates the smallpox virus, the other consists of pure h2o. If the person who sent you agrees to drink 1 of them (preference!), then I will consume the other.

The following working day, all of Paris previously understood that the “urgent” duel under no circumstances took spot…

Make it possible for me to would like all today’s birthday people today very good and happiness. And you, my buddies, have a good day. As normally, yours certainly.

Oleksandr Shvets

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