Fewer people from Uri are studying


Fewer people from Uri are studying

The number of Uri students at colleges and universities has fallen by 39 compared to the previous year. With it also the otherwise increasing number of those who are being trained as teachers.

In the 2019/2020 winter semester, 674 Uri students were enrolled at a university, a technical college or a teacher training college. That is 39 less than in the previous year (713), as the Education Directorate (BKD) Uri reports. The Education and Culture Directorate is not aware of how this sharp drop in around two school classes came about. For Secretary General Christian Mattli, however, it is clear that this also has to do with the population development in the canton of Uri. “The number of pupils is declining in general, as is the case at the BWZ and at the middle school, from where most pupils switch to the tertiary education sector.”

According to Mattli, a special analysis would be needed for more precise backgrounds. The currently falling numbers of potential university and technical college graduates do not cause the BKD any fundamental concerns. “If we had the impression that, for example, many could not afford to study, we would have to react safely.” But there is no reason to do so. Christian Mattli is also not aware of any other systematic influences.

University education: Zurich still at the top

A total of 306 (previous year: 323) Uri students (169 men and 137 women) were enrolled at the cantonal universities and the federal technical universities in the winter semester 2020/2021. The downward trend of the past few years thus continued again. The students from Uri were distributed among the individual institutions as follows:

Uri students at the institutions



University of Basel 23
University of Bern 57
University of Freiburg 19
University of Lucerne 42
University of St. Gallen 25
University of Zurich 63
ETH Zurich 64
Others 13

Among the chosen subjects, the humanities and social sciences still come first for the Uri students:

Subjects of the Uri students

Subject area


of which female

Humanities and Social Sciences 82 50
Economics 45 16
Law 34 13
Exact and natural sciences 60 19
Medicine and pharmacy 39 26
Technical Sciences 28 9
Interdisciplinary and others 8 4

Technical college education: Lucerne is the most popular

While the number of Uri students at the universities and technical colleges has been declining for a long time, the trend at the cantonal technical colleges and universities of teacher education has always been upwards in recent years. For the winter semester 2020/2021, however, a decrease has now been recorded. In the 2019/2020 winter semester, 390 Uri students (211 women and 179 men) were enrolled at universities of applied sciences and teacher training colleges; in the 2020/2021 winter semester, their number fell to 368 (201 women and 167 men). “We are happy that many young people are still choosing the apprenticeship, because the teacher shortage is becoming more pronounced in other cantons,” says Christian Mattli. “The canton of Uri is still in a fortunate position in this regard, which also shows that a large proportion still choose this field of study.”

And these are the exact numbers:

Uri students at universities of applied sciences

University of Applied Sciences


Bern University of Applied Sciences 14
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland 1
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland 13
University of Applied Sciences Central Switzerland 141
Professional University School of Italian Switzerland 4
University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland 4
University of Applied Sciences Graubünden 7
Zurich University of Applied Sciences 45
Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences 9
Universities of Education (Central Switzerland and others) 130

Among the universities of applied sciences, the Central Switzerland University of Applied Sciences is still the most popular among the people of Uri. This institution, which is supported by Uri as a concordat canton, has recorded an increase in Uri students of almost 30 percent since the 2015/2016 winter semester.

Teacher training remains attractive

With regard to the chosen subjects, the teacher training of the Uri students is by far above the top in the 2020/2021 winter semester, followed by business / services and technology / IT. The continuing high status of teacher training is encouraging in that the shortage of teachers has been accentuated in many cantons for some time and the promotion of young talent is therefore a high priority.

Choice of studies of the Uri people



of which female

Architecture and construction 18 5
Technology and IT 47 3
Chemistry and life sciences 10 4
Agriculture and Forestry 1 1
Economy / services 74 34
Design 7 4
Music, theater, arts 13 5
Social work 26 22
Applied Psychology 14 9
health 19 16
Teacher training 137 96
Other departments 2 2

Canton contributions of a good 10 million

As part of the intercantonal agreements and concordats, the canton of Uri paid around 2.81 million francs in 2020 (previous year: 2.89 million) for cantonal universities and around 7.34 million for cantonal universities of applied sciences and teacher training colleges (previous year: 6.95 Millions). That is a total of 10.15 million francs.

“With the payment of training contributions, the canton of Uri also continues to promote equal access to educational institutions,” writes the BKD. “Every person should be able to complete training appropriate to their skills, even if they or their parents do not have enough resources.” In 2020, scholarships totaling 1.35 million were paid out (previous year: 1.49 million). The approved loans amounted to 372,200 francs (previous year: 360,500), of which 140,600 were actually disbursed.

Uni also represented in Uri

The tertiary level of education is not represented by local institutions in the canton of Uri. The “Cultures of the Alps” research institute in Altdorf, which was founded as an affiliate of the University of Lucerne, has been an exception for a year now. “Intercantonal agreements and concordats mean that people from Uri can attend a university, a technical college or a college of education (as well as higher vocational training courses) under the same conditions as residents of the respective cantons,” writes the Education Directorate.

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