Few premieres on the billboard, which was advanced on Wednesday with Santiago Segura


Few premieres this week in Spanish cinemas, the billboard influenced not only by the fear of a possible closing of theaters if the outbreaks continue, but perhaps by the advance, this Wednesday, of the expected “locomotive” from the box office, «Father there is only one 2: the arrival of the mother-in-law».

Thus, as news this Friday, comes a horror film, another story about the first photographer who immortalized the frozen prairies of southern Chile, a classic “tale” without words, transferred to the magical tracks of a train that crosses a town, another fantastic one about Norwegian mythological gods and two different animation tapes for the little ones.

“The Hunt”, a terrifying satire that laughs at politicians

From this Friday, the low-budget horror film factory Blumhouse Productions, proposes to the Spanish public a horror and action thriller, a black comedy with which its director, Craig Zobel, laughs at partisan politics taken to its most dangerous extreme .

With a script by Damon Lindelof, the creator of “Lost”, and Nick Cuse, based on the story by Richard Connell, “The Hunt” also has the incentive of having Hilary Swank in the group of people, unknown among yes, they wake up in an isolated place to realize right away that they are going to hunt them like animals.

«The Bra», the incredible story of a bra lost in Baku

The Sevillian Paz Vega is one of the protagonists of the various stories that, like a story, make up “The Bra”, the latest film by German director Veit Helmer, also the author of the curious script, which has no words.

As if it were the Cinderella story, but trying on a bra instead of a glass slipper, the lonely driver of a merchandise looks for the owner of the garment, who was hooked on her train on her last day of work before retirement, as it passes through the city of Baku (Azerbaijan).

“Blanco en blanco”, the wildest and most beautiful photos of Chile

“Blanco en blanco” has been co-produced by Chile, Spain, France and Germany, which gives an idea of ​​the difficulty of carrying out a project like this, as beautiful as it is ruthless, which is impeccably guided, as always, by Alfredo Castro, converted in the photographer who records, at the dawn of the 20th century, the hostile, violent and frozen territory that was the south of Chile.

The story, accompanied by the prodigious photography of José Ángel Alayón, tells the obsession of this artist, hired by a powerful landowner to immortalize his future wife, just a child; but trying to capture her beauty, he makes a serious mistake, and that costs him dearly.

“Mortal”: All superheroes, once, were normal

Written and directed by the Norwegian André Ovredal, “Mortal” is an action and adventure film that immerses the viewer in the fantasy of a man who discovers that he has the powers of one of the gods that appear in Norse mythology Eric (Nat Wolff), a young American backpacker touring western Norway, is suddenly charged with the accidental and inexplicable death of a local youth; Aided by a young psychologist (Iben Akerlie) he discovers who Eric really is.

“Mina and the world of dreams”

Directed by Kim Hagen Jensen and Tonni Zinck, “Mina and the World of Dreams” is a thrilling adventure that begins when Mina, the main character, changes her life when her father’s new girlfriend, Helena, and her daughter arrive home. Jenny, who he doesn’t get along with.

One night, Mina discovers the world of dreams, where there are some builders who are in charge of creating them, and begins to manipulate Jenny’s dreams until an error prevents her from waking up; a different proposal with Danish cartoons.

And finally, Chinese “cats”

Shown at the prestigious Annecy Festival out of competition, “Cats” is the story of a feline named Blanket who has been living in an apartment with his son; But, one fine day, the little boy decides to leave home and look for the legendary cat paradise. Naturally, Blanket must go in search of him, lose his fear and reconcile himself with his past, all pushed by the cat Macaw.

Third feature film by Gary Wang, creator of the Light Chaser Animation production company, which was born in 2013 with the idea of ​​making animated films aimed at the Chinese market and surpassing the US market in 2020.


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