Few people know the perfect sea vegetable for the liver and thyroid

The sea is a gold mine. Blue, light blue, gray or green gold. Color does not matter, we human beings derive life from the sea. Of course, we could immediately think of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. We essentially obtain proteins from the sea. We at ProiezionidiBorsa are convinced that the sea is one of the main sources of our nourishment and diet. We have, in fact, told a sublime recipe with a typical product of our coasts.

Today, however, we would like to try to get even a vegetable from the sea! Incredible, some would say. Salt water kills every plant! Well, not all of them. There are some that are edible for humans. In fact, few people know the perfect sea vegetable for the liver and thyroid.

The benefits of glasswort

Well yes, let’s talk about the salicornia. We often know it under the name of asparagus of the sea or asparagus of the poor. It grows in marshy and brackish areas, being perhaps one of the few to survive. For many people, glasswort throughout history has meant survival itself and the right amount of salt in the diet. Today, thanks to technological innovations, we know it better. We understand why glasswort is so good for us.

Few people know the perfect sea vegetable for the liver and thyroid

Recent scientific studies have revealed important news on glasswort. We already knew that glasswort is rich in two types of vitamins, those of group B and vitamin C. However, these studies have highlighted how glasswort is able to have a great purifying power on our liver and positively impacts the functioning of our thyroid. Its juice can be used in fact in very specific cases of hypothyroidism. Also, since glasswort is a very salty dish, there is no need to add more salt to the preparation of a recipe. So, we just have to find some glasswort at the market and cook it!

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