Fever bets on national talent with the launch of the ‘Scholarships for Excellence in Engineering’

Fever, a leading technology platform for leisure discovery and live entertainment that has reached recently the unicorn status (This is how companies whose valuation exceeds one billion euros are known) after a round of 227 million dollars led by Goldman Sachs, has just announced the creation of the “Fever Scholarship for Excellence in Engineering”.

“There is a belief that world-renowned technology companies can only be created from Silicon Valley and that the best professional opportunities lie outside our borders. But Fever was born with the opposite belief: Spain has the best talent and from Spain you can create the world leader of an entire industry” assures Francisco Hein, co-founder of Fever, “that is why the Fever Excellence Scholarship in Engineering was born, to support and retain national talent”.

Retain national talent

This scholarship – endowed with up to €24,000 per year– It is an aid intended for the best students in their promotion so that they can complement their final stage of studies by participating in the growth of a start-up global technology company that is leading the transformation of the culture and entertainment industry.

It will be aimed at those engineering students –regardless of their specialty– who are in their final year of studies or recent graduates with an excellent university career.

The winners will be able to be part of high performance teams in any of the areas of the company: software, product, data science, operations, growth, or expansion are just a few examples.

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