Fettes Brot celebrates the farewell “Brotstock” concert

Hamburg (dpa) – When your favorite band retires, you celebrate the idols again. That’s what around 25,000 fans of the German rap trio Fettes Brot did on Friday evening on the Trabrennbahn in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld – at the first of the giga farewell concerts with the beautiful name “Brotstock”. The rush was great, the atmosphere was great despite the sometimes chaotic arrival.

As a warm-up, the bands Großstadtgeflüster, Deine Freund, Antilopen Gang and Tocotronic played their homage to Fettes Brot. King Boris (Boris Lauterbach, 49), Dokter Renz (Martin Vandreier, 49) and Björn Beton (Björn Warns, 50) were on stage and had a party. After that they showed a few more photos from their 31 years of band history and went straight to the full with their 1996 hit “Jein”.

From “Erdbeben” and “Forever Always” to “The Grosser” to the Low German anthem “Nordisch By Nature” and “Emanuela” with a long instrumental beat and dance part, the three Hamburgers fired their hits – and left hardly any room for melancholy. The fans celebrated exuberantly, danced, roared and laughed at the sayings.

On Saturday, Fettes Brot will play their really last concert on the trotting track – and say goodbye.

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