Festivals, exhibitions and festive concerts were held in Bratsk on National Unity Day

On National Unity Day, festivals, exhibitions and festive concerts were held in all residential areas of Bratsk. The festive program was prepared by employees of cultural institutions of Bratsk.

Numerous vocal, choreographic, folklore and theatrical groups, professionals and amateurs, representatives of amateur performances performed before the brothers. And the needlewomen launched an exhibition of their amazing works on the square of the Palace of Arts. And the head of the city, Sergei Serebrennikov, managed to congratulate fellow countrymen in all residential areas of Bratsk.

The festival of amateur groups “Circle of Earthly Life” gathered on the stage of the Palace of Culture “Transport Builder” several dozen adults and young lovers of song and dance from Bratsk, Bratsk and Nizhneilimsk regions. This year it was held under the motto “Time to be together.”

The hospitable team of the House of Culture held a grandiose event for the tenth time, and since then the number of participating ensembles has doubled.

The honorary guests of the festival were the families of the brothers who were mobilized to participate in a special military operation to liberate the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and relatives of the servicemen who fell on the battlefields. At the suggestion of the head of the city, all those present greeted them with applause.

“Each of us understands in our own way what national unity is. It seems to me that national unity is when we live together, as one big family, in our homes, in our city, in our country. Together in joy and sorrow. And it has always been like this when our city came to the aid of those who need it.

We came to the aid of our neighbors – Tulunchan and other territories affected by the flood, when people, without any command, at the call of their own souls and hearts, went and helped. This is national unity. We are collecting aid to Donbass and Lugansk and have already sent 14 humanitarian aid vehicles from the city. This is also national unity. When we escort our guys, men, to military mobilization to defend our Motherland, this is national unity, the unity of our country called Russia, where people of many nationalities live. We are all Russians. We are respected, we are afraid, someone hates us. But we represent the people of a great great country. Today in Russia is not the best of times. Yes, indeed, we are again defending the right to be a strong power, we are conducting a special military operation. But if not for the president’s decision, the war would be on our territory today. And everyone already understands this and does not hide it. On this festive day, let’s wish our families, all of us, patience, hope, and to those who left today for military service for mobilization, we wish good luck to the military personnel, we wish them back to their families, and Russia – victory! Happy holiday to you! Sergey Serebrennikov said.

The celebration on the Palace of Arts Square ended with a grandiose concert “The Strength of Russia is Our People”.

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According to the materials of the administration of Bratsk

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