Fernanda Maciel case: Lawyer expects Felipe Rojas to “confess everything he did”

What happened?

During the afternoon of this Thursday he came to testify before the Public Ministry Felipe Rojas, the only person charged with the murder of Fernanda Maciel.

To carry out the procedure, the prosecutor in charge of the case also met, Patricia varas, of the North Central Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

What did Fernanda’s family lawyer say?

We hope this guy confesses everything he did, and all the people who participated, either as authors, co-authors or accomplices who covered up this crime. It would be a real contribution, “said the lawyer for the young woman’s family. Pedro Diaz.

“It took a long time to declare, at this point the contribution would be minimal in the light of the Courts,” he added.

Rojas, who was a neighbor and friend of Fernanda Maciel, is in preventive detention and is being charged with the crimes of Qualified homicide, abortion and illegal burial.

The case

Fernanda lost track of her in February 2018 when she was 21 years old, in a winery in the commune of Conchalí, when she was pregnant.

Despite the fact that various investigations were carried out and for many months in that place, the body appeared buried there on June 24, 2019, the same day that the arrest of the only accused in the case was made.

Since then, a series of expert reports were carried out for months, until it was only in January 2020 that the wake and funeral of the young woman could be specified.

At the beginning of 2021, the Gendarmería announced that in the last days of the year 2020 Rojas not only caused incidents in prison, but also tried to take his own life.

The note informs a judicial process in progress, so those involved should not be considered guilty until the justice determines it.

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