Ferdinando Valencia remembers his baby Dante, one year after his death


“Tell me, my child, what heaven is like, tell me, little one, what it is like to be there where everything is love and joy, tell me how happy you are, who you play with, who hugs you and who fills you with kisses. Tell me everything in my dreams, tell me if you have seen God and if he talks to you. Tell me if he carries you in his arms and he plays with you. Tell me again and a thousand times how happy you are, tell me my child, I need you to tell me many times so that I can find peace, tell me all that. “

In addition to this letter, the actor from Like you there are not two, He dedicated an emotional message in which he remembers him on the first anniversary of his death.

“Little Dante, now that you are 1 year old since you raised your wings, I do not want to disturb your rest, sleep peacefully my beautiful child, do your mischief with joy, now you play with other angels as beautiful as you. Remember from heaven your parents on earth and do not forget us.

“You who are in the arms of Jesus talk with him so that he may give comfort to all of us who love you because even though time passes you will always be our little piece of heaven, our beautiful baby warrior,” wrote the actor.


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