Feral dogs terrorize villagers in Pavlodar region ᐈ zakon.kz

In Pavlodar region they demand to exterminate stray dogs. Flocks of feral animals attack flocks. The damage has already amounted to almost 2 million tenge, according to Zakon.kz.

Residents fear that with the onset of cold weather, packs of hungry dogs will come to the village and begin to attack people. At the same time, local authorities assure that the situation is being kept under control, CPC reports.

Almost 400 people live in the village of Tavolzhan. Their main income is animal husbandry.

These are stray, wild dogs, I’ll tell you more, they have terrorized our population so much, they are tearing our cattle, MRS, they are tearing them right before my eyes. You drive away – it’s useless. We don’t know, we complain to the akimat, the police department, the prosecutor’s office – there are no results. Tavolzhan village resident Saken Rakhimzhanov

For six months, dogs tore to pieces 40 sheep. The damage amounted to almost 2 million tenge. Walking around the village also became unsafe. Stray dogs killed chain dogs and attacked their owners.

Children go to school on foot, they have to be accompanied, both in the morning and in the evening. Because you can’t send one child. Walking is not like children, it’s scary for yourself – dogs rush. If they tear animals, the same rams, in front of people, then there’s nothing even to say for a child.A resident of the village Natalya Babich

Locals claim that sleep darts do not work on dogs. And killing animals is now prohibited by law: only trapping and sterilization.

The appeal of the residents of the village of Tavolzhan for the current period was redirected, according to the competence, to the local executive bodies of the Uspensky district, that is, the veterinary department. They, together with the district inspector, went to the village of Tavolzhan more than four times, and during this time more than 50 individuals were caught. Akim of Ravnopolsky rural district Mukhtar Skakov

Where did stray dogs come from, the villagers guess. They have noticed more than once how the owners of cars passing by leave puppies on the side of the road or throw out adults who then huddle in packs to survive.

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Residents of the village of Tavolzhan fearfully await the onset of winter. While the weather is warm, animals graze in the steppe. With the onset of cold weather, the flocks will return to the paddocks, and then the dogs will follow them to the village, where they can already attack people.

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