Fenapo 2022. Maná, Bronco and Residente, concerts for the opening week of the Teatro del Pueblo

The inaugural concert of the People’s Theater of Fenapo 2022 will be in charge of the Maná group.

However, in this first week of the fair, artists from such varied genres will be presented, from banda, rock and urban.

The Fair Board mentioned that these concerts are free, but will have a capacity limit, so it is recommended that you arrive before the start of the presentation.

What is the billboard of the Teatro del Pueblo de la Fenapo 2022?

The first artists to be presented in this first week are:

  • Maná: Inauguration, Friday, August 5
  • La Zenda Group: Saturday, August 6
  • Bronco: Sunday August 7th
  • Resident: Monday, August 8
  • Cristian Castro: Tuesday, August 9
  • The Northern Hurricanes: Wednesday, August 10
  • Rococo Pantheon: Thursday, August 11
  • Carlos Vives: Friday, August 12
  • Restrictions at the fair

Only up to 150,000 people may enter daily, so care will be taken not to exceed this limit.

In the case of the Teatro del Pueblo area, only 70,000 people will be allowed to enter, entry to this venue will begin at 2:00 p.m.

In addition, it is forbidden to carry the following objects:

  • Pets
  • Enervating
  • Glass bottles
  • Umbrella
  • Foods
  • Drinks
  • backpacks
  • Firearms or sharp weapons
  • Carriolas

What is Pueblo Theater Terrace?

An option for those who wish to attend the presentations of the Teatro del Pueblo and do not want to be in the general area, is to acquire a place in the Terraza Teatro del Pueblo.

tickets to see the poster of the People’s Theater at FENAPO 2022can be purchased on the Supertickets page, by clicking here.

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What is collected will go to the State System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), which will use the money for its programs to support the vulnerable.

Cost of tickets for the Teatro del Pueblo Fenapo 2022

Tickets to see your favorite singer or group will have the following costs:


  • Green Terrace A: $2,860
  • Green Terrace B: $2,640

Northern Zenda

  • Green Terrace A: $880
  • Green terrace B: $660


  • Green terrace A: $1,100
  • Green Terrace B: $880


  • Green Terrace A: $1,650
  • Green Terrace B: $1,320

Cristian castro

  • Green Terrace A: $1,650
  • Green Terrace B: $1,320

The Northern Hurricanes

  • Green Terrace A: $880
  • Green terrace B: $660

Panteon Rococo

  • Green terrace A: $1,100
  • Green Terrace B: $880

Carlos Vives

  • Green Terrace A: $2,640
  • Green Terrace B: $2,420

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