FEJETON: Bravo, Cadarache – Invisible dog


I recorded three good newss last week. I could repeat them and wish you a nice rest of the day, but I would betray the principles of contemporary journalism. Good news does not belong in the media, and if it gets there anyway, it must be questioned.

Sometimes it’s easy. The Directorate of Motorways obtained a zoning decision for the construction of a part of the Prague ring road. This is the part from the Brno D1 motorway – this is the car park that stretches between Prague’s South Town and Brno’s Starý Lískovec – ie from the D1 motorway to Běchovice. It would certainly be an important section, because from Běchovice it would be enough to stretch the circuit a bit and connect it to the highway to Hradec and then to Liberec. Nice vision. But it is possible to appeal, so it is 100% certain that someone is throwing a pitchfork into the project. There are a lot of associations declaring the public interest, to which no one has entrusted them. These associations masterfully control all the levers and loops of the inhuman legal system that crushes our country, and they will know what loop and lever to pull ten minutes before midnight on the expiration of the deadline. So nothing, there will be no circuit.

The second good news is that the economic downturn is the biggest in thirty years, but it is not as big as it was supposed to be. The positivity of this report cannot be denied, but the negative will probably be added to every owner of a trade that dies in decline and has no hope of reaching the money released by the European Union for a green restart of the continent in five years.


So thirdly, but that’s good news that I can’t hate either. The assembly of the International Thermonuclear Reactor has begun in the French city of Cadarache. You know, I’ve been following a project to produce electricity by thermonuclear reaction since I was ten years old. At that time, they explained to the boy at the time that it was a process similar to that which takes place in the Sun. I really liked it, articles and books were written about him. It was expected that around the year 2000 it would work and energy bliss would occur. We are writing the year 2020. The reactor is supposed to start in fifteen years, it’s like snapping your fingers. It makes me happy.

Maybe someone will think it’s already dripping on my carbide. I will probably not be here in 2035, the construction will be extended and it is an experimental reactor, not an operational reactor.

But think what you want, I’m happy about it. After all, things are moving, and they are moving in the right direction: to ingenuity and efficiency. So I’m calling bravo, Cadarache. And we will also recover from that recession and go to Běchovice one day around the circuit. In the end, the positive forces will somehow overcome the negative ones, but it takes time.

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