FEFU successfully implements grant programs from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

November 9, 2022 – FEFU News

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) entered the top 75 universities – participants of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation Scholarship Program 2022/2023. The competition supports undergraduate students and makes it possible to receive 25,000 rubles a month. Applications are accepted until November 21 this year.

“The scholarship program of the V. Potanin Foundation allows students to gain valuable practical competencies and gives them the opportunity to develop in their chosen field. Joint scholarship projects with our partners to support talented and motivated students are one of the key priorities for the development of FEFU,” said Alexander Kaidanovich, FEFU Vice-Rector for Youth Policy.

Full-time, first- and second-year master students who study on a budgetary or contractual basis at FEFU can take part in the scholarship competition. At the same time, current scholarship holders of this and other programs of the Foundation cannot be admitted to the competition.

The competition is held in two stages:

The first stage includes the submission of a written application by November 21, which consists of a description of the life position, personal plans, as well as an essay on the proposed master’s thesis, as well as answers to other questions.

The second stage will be held in January-February 2023, where the winners of the previous stage will go. Undergraduates will deal with case studies, give interviews, get involved in a business game and take part in other group and individual formats.

In the process of the entire selection, the academic, intellectual and creative potential of students is assessed. Internal motivation, social position, personal responsibility, awareness of the social significance of one’s specialty and possession of universal skills, involvement in the life of the university and the city are also taken into account.

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Based on the results of two stages, 750 undergraduates from all over the country, from February 2023 until graduation, will receive a monthly nominal scholarship in the amount of 25 thousand rubles.

Detailed information can be found at the link.

FEFU students can apply for more than 40 nominal and state scholarships, including a scholarship for success in academic, scientific, sports, creative, and social activities. Students have a chance to receive grants and scholarships from the President and Government of the Russian Federation, scholarships from the Governor and Government of the Primorsky Territory, as well as a number of scholarships from leading companies and university partners.

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