FC Barcelona: The day they sent Depay with the United reserves: “I showed up with a Rolls Royce, a cowboy hat …”

El step from Memphis Depay for him Manchester United it was not to remember. The Dutchman arrived with high expectations of the PSV and with the 7 on his back, but his participation was almost testimonial … and with complicated moments Wayne Rooney, a former Memphis teammate at Old Trafford, recalls an anecdote from one of those bad times in the Daily Mail.

Depay: “Signing for the biggest club in the world is a dream”FC Barcelona

In the Boxing Day de 2015, Stoke City struck down Van Gaal’s team. The first goal, from Bojan, came after a glaring error from Memphis by giving the ball back to De Gea. Van Gaal was fed up, at rest he took him off and said that the next day he had to go play with the reserve team. Precisely Rooney came in for him and gave him some advice: “It’s a bit difficult, don’t take all your expensive things to the game tomorrow. “

“And Memphis appeared in the reserve game with a Rolls Royce, a leather jacket and a cowboy hat“recalls Wayne Rooney. An anecdote of his time in England that, according to the Daily Mail, worried his relatives, because in Holland he had had great support from the fans and in the British Isles he could find himself a little lonely. Also, they believed that the challenge of accepting the number 7 might weigh on him. But in training he appeared with a high-end Mercedes and the M7 logo embroidered on the seats.

Depay’s Top 5 goals for Lyon is the 2020-21 season

The new Barça player has always been characterized by his character and self-esteem, which have forged him during his career. Now, triumphing in the Eurocup, The days are counting to turn the Camp Nou upside down.


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