“Faune 36”, the former Argenton-sur-Creuse slaughterhouse that has become an animal care center

A center made up of five enclosures for hedgehogs, squirrels, pond ponds, martens and weasels, but also an interior space to receive the animals most at risk and a room for the flight of bats.
The care center (like all the others) is closed to the public, so as not to accustom the animals to human presence. It is a care center for wild animals, and the animals must remain so.
Marianne HENON is the center’s animal caretaker.

Fauna 36 Facebook page

To find the care center closest to you:

Network of wildlife care centers in France

We go to bulk, the bulk grocery store in La Châtre

We go to bulk. This is the name of the store created by my guest, with her companion. A grocery store that sells bulk products in La Châtre, a small town in Indre, is above all one of the pioneer bulk grocery stores in Indre.
Gwendoline Champagne is its co-founder.

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