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Over the past 40 years or more, fat has become and has remained a controversial food. In the 1980s, the government told us that saturated fats cause

illness and avoid it at all costs.

People were listening. Most of the world listened. What followed was a steady increase in weight gain, as well as a steady decline in overall health. And as a result, North Americans are now bigger and sicker than ever before in history.

In fact, the BBC has released online statistics showing how the obesity rate rose from 875 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2014, with Americans holding the largest share.

How could this happen? If the fat is bad, if it makes you fat and the fat causes disease, its elimination should have led to a healthier society. Which was clearly not the case.

There are really only two answers; a) People ignored government advice and guidelines and continued to eat fat

or b) They listened and it was bad advice based on bad science. Given the number of “fat-free”, “low-fat” and “fat-free” products that exploded in the 1980s and continued for decades, it is now clear that the advice was wrong.

In addition, governments have recommended increasing the intake of carbohydrates to about eight servings a day of breads, cereals, pasta and cereals – all the foods we know cause blood sugar to rise and the body stores fat. . Not to mention a whole series of digestive problems.

This advice was not only false, but harmful to the health of entire populations. However, our own Canadian food guide still recommends this level of carbohydrate intake as healthy. Food for thought, right?

Now we all know that fat tastes good and removing it from food also takes away the taste. To restore the taste, food companies have started adding sugar, you guessed it. Yet another processed carbohydrate thrown into the mixture adding fuel to what has become an explosive health crisis.

The good news about all of this is that anything we have mistakenly added over the years can be removed and replaced with foods that will nourish, support, balance and restore the health of our bodies.

Balanced. So important in all areas of our life, especially health. And when we eliminate the essential nutrients for the health and functioning of our body and our brain, like healthy fats, we suffer from it.

As many people have discovered recently, just removing bread and sugar goes a long way in solving various health problems.

Spread that out to all the grains and watch some more benefits start to surface.

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables (unprocessed carbohydrates) to replace these depleted vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and feel how a strong immune system feels.

And add quality, grass-fed protein and healthy fats like coconut, olive or avocado oils, unsalted nuts, all natural nut butters, butter-fed butter grass, eggs, avocado and feel satisfied, energized and watch the weight start to drop.

From the moment we were born, the mother nature food that provided us was made up of protein, healthy carbohydrates and, yes, fat.

I challenge you today, if your health and weight are not where you want or need them, try these suggestions above for a week. I promise you will never come back.

Tania Gustafson is a nutritionist and fitness coach. On the Web: fuelignitethrive.com. Email: [email protected] Facebook: 8 weeks is all it takes.


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