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If the law passes, farewell to the authorization for voluntary mobility. Doctors, Nurses, Health Professions and OSS rejoice and hope for Politics.

The fate of many Doctors, Nurses, Pediatric Nurses, Midwives, OSS and Health Professions it is tied to a thread. They will be able to return to work in their places of origin if the art. 30, paragraph 1, of the Legislative Decree n. 165/2001.

In fact, if this happens, it will no longer be necessary for voluntary mobility to request clearance from the healthcare company where you work. We will be able to move freely without denials and delays whatsoever.

The Decree will deal with the reform of the entire Public Administration and will not only concern the health and social-health sectors.

Here are the news included in Paragraph 1:

a) the words are suppressed with the consent of the administration to which they belong

b) and after the first period are inserted: the prior consent of the membership administration is required, in the case of non-fungible positions, of personnel hired for less than three years or if the aforementioned administration has a lack of staff of more than 20% for the qualification corresponding to that of the applicant; without prejudice to the possibility of postponing the direct transfer of the employee to motivate organizational needs, up to a maximum of 60 days from receipt of the request for direct transfer to another administration.

The unions obviously rejoice. If this is the case, the Cgil – Cisl – Uil triad explain to us, it will be easier to go home and effortlessly (provided that those who ask for voluntary mobility do not fall within the limits of Paragraph 1 point b).

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We’ll see what happens. It doesn’t give us anything but to wait.

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