Fancine hangs the ‘Complete’ sign at the showings of ‘Unicorn Wars’ and ‘Venus’ on Friday

The Salva Espín workshop at the Cultural Container and the Soundtrack Concert at the ETSI de Informática also registered full houses

Friday of sold out in fancine. The fantastic film festival of the University of Malaga has experienced a second day of screenings featuring a large influx of public, which has filled the Albéniz halls and the capacity available in the two parallel activities of the program.

The first film to hang the full poster was ‘Unicorn Wars’, the new project by Alberto Vázquez, exhibited in the Ánima Zone section. The Galician director has presented this colorful proposal in which he pits teddy bears against unicorns on the big screen in a bloody war. “I wanted to do something warlike and this bastard son came out of me,” Vázquez joked in the subsequent meeting he had with the public. In this talk, he also explained how the process of creating this feature film has been and thanked the Malaga festival for the support that all his productions have received, recalling that his short films ‘Sangre de Unicornio’, ‘Bird Boy’ and ‘Decorado’ were in previous editions of Fancine, even winning prizes in the list of winners.

The second film that has sold out the available tickets has been one of the participants in the Official Selection: ‘Venus’, by Jaume Balagueró, entered the competition today at Fancine with room 1 full of spectators. In it, the popular actress Ester Expósito transforms into a true “scream queen” to weave a story with Lovecraftian overtones set in a cursed suburb of Madrid. It is the return to the purest terror of the Catalan director, who adds to this film co-written with the screenwriter Fernando Navarro one more title to the label ‘The Fear Collection’, created by Sony Pictures International Productions and Pokeepsie Films, the production company of Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang, in association with Prime Video.

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The tandem to competition has been completed by the screening of ‘Vesper’, which has included the introduction of Adrián Peña, on behalf of the distributor YouPlanet. Directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper, this classic sci-fi take places us in a dystopian future after the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem. The plot, in keeping with the theme of the “fear environment” that articulates this edition, follows a girl who tries to survive in this destroyed universe. Her destiny will change when she meets a mysterious woman who will force her to deploy all her ingenuity.

The portfolio of guests for the day has been closed with the Italian director Alberto Mascia, who has visited Fancine to present the world premiere of ‘Hypersleep’. His peculiar proposal, recently selected at the Turin Festival and the Helsinki Night Vision, transforms prisons for sentences into a hypothetical future in which prisoners serve their sentences in a deep and peaceful state of sleep, which translates into a drastic decreased recidivism rate. The system remains on schedule until the data of one of the inmates is lost.

Outside the cinema, the other two venues of the day have also maintained a high degree of participation. The Cultural Container has been the space chosen to host the workshop of comic book artist Salva Espín, where he has given a masterclass on his work at Marvel. After dedicating the talk to his colleague Carlos Pacheco, he explained the creative and scripting process of a comic. Likewise, he has reviewed the sketches, technique and character design to then impress the audience by drawing Deadpool live. This master class has been aimed at audiences of all ages with the aim of introducing them to this fantastic world.

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Finally, Friday has had a film music finale. The auditorium of the ETSI of Informatics and Telecommunications of the UMA has hosted the traditional concert of Soundtracks, a recital for which there were no tickets left since Monday. The Málaga Symphony Orchestra has interpreted for the more than three hundred attendees a repertoire directed by Miguel Romea, with themes from the films ‘Interestellar’, ‘Wall-E’ or ‘Mad Max’. The event has been developed thanks to the support of the Diputación de Málaga and has been recorded entirely by the Center for Image Technology.

Programming Saturday November 12

Fancine will have a packed agenda of events on the first day of the weekend. Saturday will mark the premiere of the morning sessions at the Albéniz as well as at the Rectorate of the UMA, which will host the free screening of ‘Sing a Bit of Harmony’, the Fantastico en Familia film of this edition. It will not be the only plan for the little ones: in Teatinos there will be children’s workshops, while in the Alcazabilla headquarters the contest will continue with the screening of ‘Irati’ and ‘Mantícora’. In the afternoon, the cycle directed by CineAsia will begin, with the screening of ‘The Lake’ and subsequent film forum. Admission will be free until full capacity.

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