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Fan Rong is a 2018 student of the Academy of Fine Arts of Hulunbuir University. In the three years of university, the comprehensive evaluation results have always ranked first in the whole year. She has served as class leader, study committee, assistant to the director of the Teaching and Research Office of the Academy of Fine Arts, and the head of the copywriter of the Yiban student workstation of Hulunbuir College. She is a student of the 13th Young Marxist Training Engineering University Student Key Training Course in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Member of the Communist Youth League branch of Taicheng Community, Xihuan Street, Linhe District, founder of the community art education support team, and a member of the Communist Youth League theoretical preaching volunteer service team of Hulunbeier College of “Grassland Learning Hussars”.

Fan Rong was awarded the “National Upward for Good Youth”, “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Upward for Good Youth”, “Three Good Students in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region”, “Outstanding Youth Volunteer” of Hulunbuir College, “Upward Favorable Youth”, “Outstanding Student Leader”, and “Peach and Li Star” “”Excellent Information Officer” and other titles. A few days ago, the list of shortlisted candidates for the 16th “University Student of the Year” was announced. Fan Rong was on the list and became the only candidate in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Fan Rong was born in a remote town in Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Because of his remote location and relatively backward economy and education, Fan Rong left home to study in a different place when he was young. After 12 years of winter and summer, 4380 days of travel, the thin and fragile Fan Rong clearly realized early: “If education is backward, children will have to suffer. If they want to change their destiny, they must change their education!” So, do it. Being a teacher of the people has become her increasingly clear and firm goal.

“Crane’s hair and silver thread reflect the sun and the moon, the heart and blood are fertile and the new flowers”, this is the most beautiful picture in her mind, and it is also her dream of hard work. In September 2018, Fan Rong was admitted to Hulunbuir College and became a teacher student in the Chinese Painting Class of the Academy of Fine Arts. Her dream of being a teacher has since been nurtured.

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In the past three years, Fan Rong has won the “National Scholarship” and “National Encouragement Scholarship” and won the first-class scholarship at the school level several times. With a solid professional foundation and ability, she has also won excellent results in various professional competitions at all levels and successively won ” The first prize of the 3rd National Aesthetic Education Achievement Exhibition Contest”, “National Youth Photography Contest Excellent Photography Award”, “National College Student Career Development Planning Contest Excellence Award”, participated in the National College Art Design Contest for three consecutive times and won first, second and third prizes He has won many national awards, and has achieved excellent results in school-level “Teaching Skills Competition for Teachers” and “Civilized China” College Student Advertising Design Competition.

Fan Rong has worked hard and sweat on the road to chasing dreams. She firmly believes that there is no end to the pace of seeking knowledge. As long as you go on, you will gain. She loves literature and won the “National Three-Market Love Letter Excellent Works Award”; she is diligent in research and won the first place in the “First National Military Industry Knowledge Contest”; she loves design and won the third prize in the “National College Student Resume Design Contest”; she likes to challenge , Won more than 10 times in the “National College Student AIDS Prevention Knowledge Contest”, “The 4th National College Student Environmental Knowledge Contest”, “National Diligence and Thrift Knowledge Contest” and other competitions. There are more than 20 various learning certificates including MOOC training qualification certificate, “Tsinghua University SDG Open Innovation Marathon Challenge Honor Certificate”, and “Peking University Shared Credit Course Completion Certificate”.

The hardship of studying in a different place since childhood, and the helplessness of rushing for many years, made Fan Rong more aware of the hopes and visions of children from poor families than his peers, and more aware of the loneliness and helplessness of children without their parents. For this reason, the kind-hearted Fan Rong actively devoted himself to public welfare early on. In October 2018, Fan Rong joined the Youth Volunteer Association of the Academy of Fine Arts of Hulunbuir Academy as soon as he enrolled, and became a volunteer of the Hailar District Volunteer Association of Hulunbuir. After studying, she and her classmates went to the school for the deaf and dumb to give art classes to the pupils, donated clothes and paintbrushes to the children in the mountainous area, and went into the community to collect family education research data…

Fan Rong has been teaching in various communities in Linhe District, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. At first, Fan Rong supported the teaching alone, but after her mobilization, the teaching support staff grew from one to 10. In order to let the left-behind children lay down their guard and feel the beauty and friendship of the world with heart, Fan Rong led her team to “use pen as the medium, use painting to appeal to the heart”, relying on the art major she has learned, and guide her children to be bold, willing to participate, and dare to behave. Express, help the healthy growth and diligent study of the left-behind children in their hometown. Since 2019, Fan Rong and her art education volunteer service team have provided teaching support services to more than 80 middle school students, and have spent more than 1,000 yuan on purchasing learning tools for left-behind students in the community.

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“The sinker starts at a hurdle of three inches and can reach the depth of ten thousand ten thousand yuan.” In May 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping used this to encourage young people to buckle the “first button in life” when discussing the values ​​of young people. , Start from now, start from yourself, make the core values ​​of socialism a basic follow, and make great efforts to promote them to the whole society. Starting from himself, Fan Rong has been forging ahead, being grateful all the way, growing all the way, and harvesting all the way.

Fan Rong submitted an application for joining the party to the party organization soon after entering the school, and guided by the standard of “Four Good Teachers”, he focused his efforts on shaping his ideals and beliefs, tempered his morality and morals, and learned from solid knowledge. Improve your teacher ability and cultivate your love for teachers from the heart of benevolence.

In the summer of 2020, the thirteenth training course for young Marxists in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to train backbone engineering college students started. Fan Rong, through various selections, stood out from the college students in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and became one of the 89 selected college students. , Is also the only student majoring in Art Teachers.

Wake up at 5:30 in the morning and go to bed at 2 in the morning. With an average of 3.5 hours of sleep a day, she earnestly completes her daily study, inspection, and report writing tasks with an effort beyond ordinary imagination. Through training, Fan Rong systematically learned the theoretical knowledge of party history, party constitution, and revisited the struggle and struggle of the older generation of revolutionary predecessors, which not only improved political literacy but also enhanced political consciousness.

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Fan Rong remembers the teachings of General Secretary Xi Jinping. After returning to school from the “Qingma Class” in the autonomous region, he actively led the students of the Academy of Fine Arts to learn the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and used the forms of propaganda, class meetings, theme group days, and mini-party classes. Work hard to be a propagandist and supporter of the party’s theory, an interpreter and disseminator of the party’s voice in the new era, and have achieved excellent results in the “Four History” study and education contest organized by the Ministry of Education.

During the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, Fan Rong was well aware of her responsibilities as a party member and as a contemporary college student. She resolutely signed up for volunteer service and carried out epidemic prevention and control work in communities, schools, train stations and other places, and was awarded by the Wuhan Charity Federation “Certificate of donation” for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus.

Fan Rong sticks to his original aspirations and always maintains his loyalty. In his fiery youth, he writes his own chapter of struggle with the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress. (Zhang Yang Bai Yuhong

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