fan photographed himself with a scorer

Until recently, he was not on the fans’ radar. The English striker with a Chilean mother, Ben Brereton, made his debut for La Roja in the Copa América, leaving the balance of a goal and an assist, but, above all, a moving delivery.

Thus, with the affection of the fans in his pocket, the 22-year-old striker traveled with his teammates from Brazil to Chile, after being eliminated in the quarterfinals against Scratch.

After their return, those selected did the rigorous preventive quarantine, which has now ended.

And this was evidenced by Brereton himself, who on Tuesday (July 6) was nothing more nor less than in Plaza Italia (Dignidad).

What was “Big Ben” up to?

This was recorded by a fan identified as Sebastián «Pollo» Barriga, who took a photo with the player to immortalize the moment.

Hours later, he published the capture on his Instagram account.

“I’m going to upload it everywhere, I got a photo with Ben Brereton himself!” Said the excited fan on the social network. “This is the best day of my life!”

It was around 1:00 p.m. in this nerve center of Santiago, when Barriga sat down to eat at a soda fountain, next to the University of Chile theater. It was there that he saw the striker working on what would have been an advertising campaign.

“And they were just filming a Pepsi commercial,” said the young Barriga, who did not hesitate to approach the player and improvise spanglish to be able to understand each other. “And he managed,” he closed.

Meanwhile, the striker should soon return to British lands, where his family and his current club, Blackburn Rovers, await him.

Check here the photo

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