FAN learned that dogs of Simferopol airport can do it

In a modern airport today there are a huge number of different devices for detecting unsafe substances and objects, while one of the most relevant and effective ways to ensure the safety of passengers is the use of specially trained dogs.

How is the work of the cynological group of the transport (aviation) security service (CG STB) organized at the international airport Simferopol. Aivazovsky, the correspondent found out FAN.

“Today there are 13 dogs serving at the airport. The youngest – Lorry – is one year old, the most adult – Zyukka – 10 years old. Their main function is to explore almost all areas of the airport. They check luggage leaving the airport, conduct a survey of premises and territories, as well as abandoned items. Cynologists and their dog companions will not let explosives, weapons and ammunition through, ”said the head of the CG STB of the Simferopol airport Artem Golovin.

The peculiarity of the dog handler’s work is that the dog becomes a real partner and friend for him. Indeed, it depends on mutual understanding in their tandem how quickly and efficiently the result will be achieved. Therefore, the breed of dogs is selected directly for the dog handler. For example, today the Border Collie, Labrador, Australian Shepherd (Aussie), Mittel Schnauzer, Irish Terrier and, of course, the German Shepherd are working at the airport.

After a puppy with a decent pedigree is found, he is brought to Simferopol. Moreover, sometimes this is a completely slow preparatory stage, which can take several months and have a vast geography.

“Finding working dogs is quite a difficult process. One of them – Raru – had to be delivered from Krasnoyarsk. There are dogs from Kostroma, Togliatti and other cities of Russia. The geography is very extensive, and every time it grows even more, ”says the source of the publication.

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Every dog ​​that gets to work at the airport undergoes a long training according to a special training program. Also, animals follow a special diet, a strict regime of rest and training, a work schedule. Naturally, it should coincide with the cynologist’s work schedule, therefore it has a completely familiar human standard.

“Until recently, we fed the animals with food, but in 2018, with the move to a new complex, we got a special kitchen where we prepare fresh and tasty food every day. The veterinarian balances and adjusts the menu of each individual dog, and in this way we achieve that our animals have become even healthier and, probably, happy, “- shared his impressions Artem Golovin.

Each dog has a separate resting enclosure. It was built taking into account the weather conditions of the Crimea, so that the atmosphere is as comfortable as possible. All rooms are cleaned and processed daily – this process at the airport. Aivazovsky is treated especially carefully, because the health of the main participants of the CG STB depends on it.

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Dog handlers pay special attention to training their partners. Dogs must be in good physical shape to perform the assigned tasks. And, of course, have a set of skills that make it easy not only to find dangerous objects and substances, but also to react with lightning speed to such finds. A special area is equipped for training on the territory of the airport, where a spacious training ground is equipped.

“The peculiarity of working at the airport is that it is an unusual place. This is noise, a huge number of people, smells, these are planes that land and take off almost continuously. There are a lot of irritants to which the dog can be distracted. This is often work in confined spaces – dogs enter the luggage compartments, or they need to walk between the rows. This is a particular challenge to get used to. That is why our dogs under these conditions are trained and prepared in a special way, ”said the head of the canine group.

So what is the need to use just such a resource to ensure airport security? Indeed, it would seem that today there are a lot of inventions that include a variety of possibilities in the direction of identifying dangerous objects and substances. An inspector-cynologist of the CG STB of the Simferopol airport told about this to the FAN correspondent.

“A dog’s nose cannot be fooled. Unlike people and some devices, the dog does not fail. She never fails and cannot be fooled. She has absolutely extraordinary instincts that give a high result, “- said Andrey Petrov.

Among the canine animals there is a real celebrity: this is the mascot dog of the Simferopol airport – Alice. She has her own page on social networks; fresh photos and videos from her life regularly appear on the Internet. Many airport passengers look forward to meeting the local star and even bring and give her gifts, mostly toys. It is noteworthy that the appearance of the mascot is directly related to the opening of the Simferopol International Airport.

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Dog handlers at the airport play a very important role. In addition to purposeful service, they very often provide psychological support to passengers. Children react especially well to animals. By the way, about the kids: already this year, the KG STB of the international airport Simferopol. Aivazovsky will be replenished with three more dogs. Those animals that retire traditionally stay with their dog handlers: the employees take them to their home, where they will have a well-deserved rest.

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