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Original title: Fan economy under the drama: Shanhe Ling’s concert tickets are in seconds, and the cost of looting thousands of dollars

At 14:22 on April 16th, the TV series “Mountain and River Order” theme concert officially began to sell tickets and sold out in 14 seconds. A large number of fans who failed to get the tickets as they wished sighed on Weibo, “it’s gone if you click in, it’s over if you don’t participate!” “Tickets are out of seconds! Did you grab them?”

Data from the ticketing platform showed that a total of 600,000 people participated in this ticket grab, and the concert homepage wanted to see 310,000 people. The total number of people who can enter the two-day concert is less than 13,000.

“Shanhe Ling” is a martial arts drama produced by Ciwen Film and Television and Youku, directed by Cheng Zhichao, Ma Huaqian, and Li Hongyu, written by Xiaochu, starring Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, Ma Wenyuan, and Sun Xilun. It will be broadcast exclusively on Youku Video on 22nd. “The Order of Mountains and Rivers” is adapted from the Prince’s Danmei novel “Tian Yike”

In recent years, many dramas (Dangai dramas) changed from Tanmei novels have become popular, such as “The Soul of the Soul”, “Chen Qing Ling” and “Shanhe Ling”. The term Tanmei comes from Japan, originally referring to aestheticism. Later, it was mostly used in China to express emotions between men.

To a certain extent, the commercial value of this kind of change drama comes from the realization of the fan economy, which can transform the content into various forms of consumption, resulting in the difficulty of getting a ticket for the concert and the auction of costumes for 220,000 yuan.

A ticket is hard to find, where does the source go?

On April 13, the “Mountain River Order” theme concert was officially announced and scheduled to be held in Suzhou on May 3 and 4. The ticketing time will be at 14:22 on April 16. Tickets will be sold exclusively under Ali’s Damai App.

Tickets for the concert range from 680 yuan to 2280 yuan. The grandstand fare is 680 yuan, 980 yuan and 1380 yuan, and the infield fare is 1880 yuan and 2280 yuan.

In addition to the regular ticket purchase channels of the Damai App, Youku members can collect exclusive ticket purchase rights for Youku members by watching the 10-minute “Shanhe Order”, with 200 places. In addition, Taobao Member Center provides 88VIP with 200 ticket purchase rights, and Alipay members also have 200 ticket purchase rights. In addition to offline viewing, viewers who have not grabbed tickets can also purchase online live tickets for 68 yuan per show.

An industry insider told The Paper ( “Under normal circumstances, tickets for concerts,

In addition to tickets sold through official channels, venues, sponsors, artist studios, and fans may also have a certain amount of tickets.

However, sometimes the fans are provided with tickets because of the need for concert assistance. It is necessary for the fans to gather closer to the stage, which has a better effect on the performance. “

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According to, a total of 12,348 tickets were sold from the official website, plus the 600 ticket quotas of Alipay, Youku and Taobao, which means a total of 12,948 tickets will be sold. The reporter performed a rough calculation based on the price indicated by the seat icon and found that if tickets for one concert were sold out at the marked price, the revenue would be about 10 million yuan, and for two concerts it would be about 20 million yuan.

“Mountain River Order” is a TV series jointly produced by Ciwen Film and Television and Youku. As for how the revenue from the concert is divided, a person familiar with the matter told The Paper ( “The agreement is a floating agreement and will be based on the TV series, The response of the concert is adjusted to the proportion.”

Can the real-name system regulate scalpers?

It is not difficult to find that, from big-name pop singer concerts to talent show concerts to concerts derived from film and television dramas, as long as the concerts are more popular than real-name ticket sales, you can buy scalper tickets on their respective second-hand platforms.

The combination of film and television dramas and concerts has emerged in recent years. As early as 2019, the tickets for the “Chen Qing Ling” Guofeng music concert were sold out in 5 seconds. About half a month before the start of the performance, a screenshot of a scalper selling “Chen Qingling” concert tickets was circulated on the Internet. The first row of the infield was sold for 150,000 yuan, the second row of the infield was 130,000 yuan, and the second row of the infield 3 was sold for 150,000 yuan. 100,000 yuan in row. The cheapest ticket is the original price of 627 yuan, which sells for 4500 yuan.

The form of ticket sales for this Shanhe Ling concert is a real-name system. One person cannot buy multiple tickets, and they can only enter the venue and cannot resell them. This has to a certain extent resisted the production of high-priced scalper tickets, but they may turn their business to “on behalf of others.” grab”.

On April 15th, the reporter found several links to “Shanhe Ling concert robbing” on a second-hand trading platform. The robbing fee was between 1,800 yuan and 3,000 yuan per piece (not including the face price). A merchant said: “A team of thousands of people and the machine grab the ticket at the same time, and the full payment cannot be refunded.

In addition, some sellers said that they can book in advance to ensure that they have tickets. The reporter inquired about the source of the tickets as a consumer. One of the merchants said: “Sponsor’s tickets are not open to the public. They are given to the sponsor by the organizer. Some of the complimentary tickets are also from other media companies that the organizer cooperates with. So we will have tickets on hand. Tickets will be issued three days before the concert, and you can scan the QR code to register your identity information after you get it.”

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Chen Wenming, a lawyer at Zhejiang Xiaode Law Firm, believes that whether the “grab on behalf” business on the second-hand trading platform is compliant and constitutes a scalper behavior.

“If the other party helps you buy concert tickets offline (or online), and the other party does not require you to buy tickets at a price higher than the nominal price after buying the tickets, but only charges a reasonable labor fee, then this form of transaction There is no big problem, because the other party has paid labor services, and the interrogation fees discussed by both parties belong to you and I am willing to negotiate.”

However, “If the other party buys concert tickets through ticket-grabbing software or other methods for profit, and then asks the buyer to purchase tickets at a price higher than the nominal price, then this behavior is a scalper. The scalper’s behavior violates the “Policy Order” According to the third paragraph of Article 52 of the Administrative Punishment Law. If the circumstances are serious and disrupt the order of the market, it will also violate the crime of illegal business operations as stipulated in Article 225 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.”

Therefore, these so-called “substitution snatching” implied by the charge of 1800 and 3000 yuan for ticket grabbing and using “don’t disturb if you are too expensive, the cheap ones are private manual snatching”. It seems that “substitution snatching” is used to package the behavior of scalpers. .

The barley side has made risk warnings about scalpers and looting. The barley side said that barley has opened the anti-scalping mechanism, and used technical means to screen for abnormal orders to prevent “machine brushing” and “human flesh brushing” and other “scalper” behaviors, and curb Illegal operation.

In addition to the regular ticket purchase channels of the Damai App, Youku members can obtain exclusive ticket purchase rights for Youku members by watching the 10-minute “Shanhe Order”. In this regard, Chen Wenming, a lawyer from Zhejiang Xiaode Law Firm, believes: “If the qualifications for concert tickets are tight, and the marketing of the shortage of hype may involve false propaganda, it is an illegal act. If the concert tickets are really tight, the lottery will be adopted. It is not illegal in itself to sell by means of lottery.”

 The change of drama drives the fan economy

After the explosion of “Shanhe Ling”, it is not only concert tickets that sell well.

On March 26, the OST original music album of “Shanhe Ling” and the official film and television series collection card were officially launched on Aliyu’s entertainment e-commerce platform “Create New Products”. Among them, the OST original soundtrack attracted nearly 7,000 people to participate in the 6 hours before it was launched, and the crowdfunding amounted to nearly one million; the global limited-release 3,000 sets of film and television series collection cards were also popular, and the first batch of 1,000 sets went online in less than 1 second. The report is sold out. Up to now, the cumulative sales of derivatives only on the official crowdfunding platform of “Shanhe Ling”, “Create New Goods”, have reached nearly 5 million.

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In addition, the “Shanhe Ling” costume road auction lasted for three days and ended in the early morning of April 10. The red costume worn by Wen Kexing was sold at a price of 220,000, and the proceeds will be donated to public welfare projects.

In recent years, many Dangai dramas have become a hit. From “Shenzhen” and “Chen Qingling” to “Mountain River”, the commercial value of Dangai dramas comes to a certain extent from the realization of the fan economy, which can transform the content. For various forms of consumption.

Industry insider Liu Yu (pseudonym) told reporters: “Previously, Dangai dramas generally used actors from the fourth, fifth or even the eighteenth line to play in an attempt to’gambling’ traffic at a small cost. If there is no fire, there will be no loss. If it becomes popular, it will naturally be expected. But in the past two years, popular actors have been gradually used in dramas, which has increased production investment and the development of the derivative industry chain.”

“To a certain extent, this means that Danmei culture is moving from a niche to the mainstream. This is also due to the upstream capital’s discovery of the potential of the female consumer market, the main audience for Danchang drama. Therefore, online text is the source text. As a carrier, Danchang drama is used as a carrier, and derivatives are used as an updated form of evolution. In this way, Danmei culture perfectly runs through the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.” Liu Yu analyzed.

It is worth noting that Banyue Tan once published the article “Domestic TV dramas set off “reform” fever: “Corrupt culture” goes out of the circle, young people enter the pit”, bluntly wary of bottomless hype and excessive consumption of “corrupt culture”.

The article points out that objectively speaking, many Danchang dramas are not intended to positively and actively guide and show Danmei culture, but to set relevant gimmicks to gain attention, and the purpose is only to “sell corruption.” Many “Danchang TV dramas” have confusing plot setting logic. What’s more, in order to attract eyeballs and satisfy fans’ “tastes”, some film and television drama companies also forcibly market “male male cp”, conduct binding publicity and embarrassing interactions. Establish a personal design, without a bottom-line consumption “corrupt culture”. These bad marketing not only harm the interests of Tanmei audiences themselves, but also disrupt the network environment and order. The laissez-faire of many extreme speeches directly impacts and affects mainstream values. These bad influences must be paid attention to and monitored.



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