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The second floor of an old building in Kanda, Tokyo. It is said that there is a Kayokyoku bar where ladies and gentlemen gather at night to show off their pranks. That famous song was played from the cable tonight as well.

Customer: Oh, this intro is Ryuun Nagai’s “Journey Without a Guide”. It’s a big song. You write “signpost” and read it as “signpost”.

Master: Ryuun Nagai, who made his debut in 1978, released this “Travel without a Guide” in 1979. It was appointed as a CM song for Glico almond chocolate, and its name became a national district.

Customer: Speaking of Glico almond chocolate commercials at that time, there was a luxurious lineup such as Chiharu Matsuyama’s “In the Season” and Shigeru Matsuzaki’s “Ai No Memory”.

Master: “Journey without a guide” has been adopted as the next song of “In the Season”, and the attention has risen! The hit chart also ran smoothly and reached the 20th place. However!

Customer: However!

Master: In October, Momoe Yamaguchi declares her lover with Tomokazu Miura at a concert in Osaka!

Customer: Hmm? What is the relationship between that and “Journey without a guide”?

Master: The commercial industry at that time was also quick to see the opportunity. The almond chocolate commercial was hurriedly replaced with a past version in which the two co-starred!

Customer: Oh, what a bad luck. There was such a story behind the birth of a big couple.

Master: The schedule for 2 cools has ended in 1 cool. The office and the record company said they regretted, “If there wasn’t one.”

Customer: That’s right.

Master: Currently, Ryuun Nagai has moved to Okinawa. It is said that he is energetically continuing 60 concert activities a year.

Customer: It was a song that only played one cool song, but it is firmly engraved in my memory.

Oh, the next song is …

Sentence / Tomohiko Yasuno
“good! A broadcast writer who is in charge of “Morning” (TV Asahi).Opening “80’s Tavern Club Room” in Kanda

Reference: Issei Tomizawa “Folk Masterpiece Encyclopedia 300 Songs” (Yamaha Music Media) / “Weekly Asahi Geino” (April 1, 2021 issue)


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