Famous racehorse ends tragically at the grill – sports mix


Born as a winner, ended as a steak. In Venezuela, the fate of a former racehorse makes headlines.

Racehorse “Ocean Bay” was once a star. The light brown horse won numerous competitions in his homeland Venezuela, after his age-related retirement he was to pass on his genes as a stallion.

But nothing comes of it from tragic circumstances. The horse was stolen from his stud southwest of the capital Caracas about a week ago. The perpetrators are on the run. “Ocean Bay” unfortunately not. A few hours after the crime, investigators found the animal’s severed head – and its skeleton. The thieves apparently only wanted meat, not uncommon in Venezuela. Cattle theft occurs again and again, the reason is poverty and the resulting famine. The coronavirus pandemic has aggravated the situation.

It is not yet known whether the perpetrators prepared and consumed “Ocean Bay” themselves or sold the meat on. The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation.

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