Family of Man Shot at Homestead Party Call for Justice | Video | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

of Miami.murder suspect isin the arcel, the family hasmany doubts about the versionthat the defendant has given to thepolice.because things they want to’s not fair that my son hasdied that way.reporter: elena lost her sonbarely four days agofrom another man and now to hertheir family covers them a paindeep and tremendous rage.because of you jeúsvillatoro, my son cries, friendcry, my son is sad, hismother is sad, I amshattered and with a hatred foryou very big,you killed the father of my child,esupid.reporter: gilberto antoniobatres, better known as tonydied in the middle of a partythe victim.witnesses assure the familythat tommy did not want problems.He withdrew from the place andalso for your carbecause he was looking to go to hishome because I did not want problems,He came back and killed him in theI park, that’s why I stayedlying on the sidewalk,I kill him like an animal whenthe animal is him.reporter: the family says thatIt is not clear what thediscussion,the defendant alleges that tony inalún point le ofrecó cocínaand I accept,but the family does not believe thatthat’s true.that is not true for youbecause the detective neversaid my son was wearing abag of this not a gun, nothing.they want to smear it on thingsthat they are not.reporter: villatoro sefound in the arcel withoutright to bail face amurder charge in seconddegree, the most important thing is thatjustice be done and understandthe great damage it has son worked in theceilings, I had to sell upirons, cartons to givemilk your children work hardlike an animal the roofs in thesun you think that motherwith a child asking for moneystreets to bury friendsworthily is fair,is that fair? that’s not fair.reporter: the family hasopen a page tohelp them pay expensesof the joint services thatthe

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