Family of a minor who committed suicide has not received an opinion from legal medicine

After the information provided by sources from the Attorney General’s Office on advances in research by the death of Alison Salazar, the youngest of 17 years who took her own life hours after being apprehended by police units in Popayán, it was known that the minor’s family did not receive an official opinion or pronouncement about the case.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, different tests were carried out and it was ruled out that the minor had been a victim of rape, although it was clarified that, nevertheless, the prosecutor in charge of the case it continues with the investigations to determine if other crimes were committed, such as sexual acts or excessive use of public force.

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The Alison’s family in Popayán has not received official information from the Prosecutor’s Office on the progress of the investigations and assured that even if a carnal access is ruled out, it does not mean that there was no sexual violence.

Following the information leaked to the media by the Prosecutor’s Office, Lizhet Montero, Alison’s attorney, stated that although the Prosecutor’s Office rules out an access carnal, it cannot be assured that there was no sexual violence something that has yet to be defined.

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“There is nothing new here and we have said that over and over again that Even if carnal access is ruled out, that does not mean that sexual violence does not exist. I do not know in what way we women in the country have to speak so that they understand that violence is not only configured when there is carnal access, “said the lawyer.

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Stated that “Undue touching, innuendo, words of sexual content constitute sexual violence”said the lawyer, who also said that there is also a revictimization of a minor who can no longer speak to defend herself.

The family proceed to ask the Prosecutor’s Office to deliver an official report about what the media has revealed.


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