family fishing trip


It is a quest that monopolizes the eyes, the hands, and sometimes even the feet. Fort Boyard style, the treasure of this beach is a small edible shell: the shell. “It’s not complicated, you have to scratch. Afterwards, once you’ve caught more than one, you rinse them a little. There you see that it’s very small, it’s not interesting. It’s the fruit of our fishing, so we’re happy. It’s more fun than buying them at the market “, says this man, feet in the water.

“It’s very nice because we are with the family, we are at the water’s edge, we have seen Fort Boyard, and it’s too good to eat, it’s easy to fish”, details this vacationer. At low tide, the beaches from OlĂ©ron (Charente-Maritime) become a paradise for fishermen on foot. “They are very small, at 3 years old, they scratch sand, they think it’s a bit wonderful”, says a mother.

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