Family accidentally receives 50 billion in account | Abroad

Darren James, 47, told Fox that he was surprised by his wife on June 12 when she showed him her bank balance. „We only thought: ‘Who will be at our door later?’ We don’t know anyone with that much money.”

James, who works as a real estate agent, admits that he briefly thought about passing the money on: “As long as the money was there, it felt great. To have so many zeros in your bank account is bizarre.”

Billionaire for four days

Darren James and his wife called the bank on Saturday, June 12 to explain the situation. The money was not debited until Tuesday. “I was a billionaire for four days. It was a cool feeling, even though we couldn’t do anything with it.”

“We knew it wasn’t ours, so we couldn’t do anything with it. We couldn’t spend it, that would be theft,” said James, who states that about 150 other American families had received an incorrect amount around the same time.

Speaking to Fox, a bank spokesperson said the company was dealing with a “technical problem.”

Julia Yonkowski, from Florida, recently had a similar situation: she found $1 billion in her bank account when she wanted to withdraw a significantly smaller amount. According to WFLA, her receipt said she had $999,985,855.94 left in her account after withdrawing $20.

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