fame, frauds and escapes for a dog and a pizza

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I am going to summarize it in the first paragraph because it is unbelievable: the owner of the best raw vegan restaurant in the world, health food guru and friend of Alec Baldwin, marries a guy she meets on the internet and knows nothing about, to whom she transfers more than a million and a half dollars because he convinces her that he will make her dog immortal. They will flee to Las Vegas, accused of fraud, and will be caught paying for junk food with a card. I swear I’m not making it up.

Sarma Melngailis, this documentary series tells us, was the owner of a successful restaurant, after separating from her ex, with whom she opened it, and buying it from the restaurateur with whom they opened it together. Business was great and she, after almost falling in love with Alec Baldwin (not that it’s important but it’s quaint), adopts a dog that she adores. This is important.

the dog liked it

She starts talking to a man she met on the internet, a certain Shane Fox, a witty guy from Massachusetts who she only knew was Alec Baldwin’s friend and, since he got along with his dog when they met, she thought that was just it could mean that he was a good person. Let’s recognize that as a method to fall in love, that your dog likes it is peculiar.

He never made it clear to her who he was or what he did for a living, but she didn’t care a bit about that because her dog liked him. And, although if she asked him directly about her work he would say it was a secret, her dog seemed more decisive to her. “I do what I do so that people can sleep at night,” he told her, enigmatic. She went days without hearing from him and she still didn’t know much about her life, so when she started asking him for money, sometimes six thousand, sometimes ten thousand dollars, she gave it to him without any problems. Because she liked her dog.

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An ex-convict swindler

The restaurant workers, who were a little suspicious (because they didn’t have a dog that might like it), find a mugshot of him on the internet and discover that his name is actually Anthony Strangis and that he had been in jail for fraud. They tell her, but she doesn’t listen, because it weighs more that your dog likes a stranger than not knowing anything about him and discovering that he is an ex-convict swindler. So they get married.

From now on the delirium begins: he tells her that she has inherited a large amount of money and then it is not true, he continues to ask her for more and more money, he puts her in contact with his computer scientist (who we will later find out never existed) and gets all his passwords and control of his accounts, travels a lot to mysterious places, still without giving explanations. A jewel.

To finish fixing it, he convinces her thatand the two of them and their dog are a reincarnated family unit that are sought and found through the ages in each new life. That he was not human, that he was someone above humanity, because he had passed a series of tests, which had given him that condition and superpowers. And he lived in an ethereal and magical world, in which the dog would be immortal, and she had to follow his plan, listen to him and overcome those tests to achieve that immortality. And she believes him. The normal.

cosmic endurance tests

The restaurant was doing well, it was growing, the billing was good, she was able to pay her debts and she was receiving offers to open more stores in places like Japan or Istanbul. He began to go around the restaurant more and act as if he owned her, and continues to ask her for money and insist that if he did not do what he asked, “ethereal forces would get angry and not give him what he wanted. ”. Convinced that she would get her dog to live forever, she obeyed. With kind and affectionate phrases, typical of a husband in love, such as “if I tell you to take all your money out of the bank and burn it, you do it” or “if you don’t do what I tell you, you will lose everything that matters to you”, they were pulling . Between 2012 and 2014 he would earn 1.7 million dollars.

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In a new plot twist, he sends her to Rome alone on a one-way ticket as part of a “cosmic stress test to get to the promised land.” Once away and isolated from her, she takes advantage of her to buy the restaurant from him under a false name, keep the workers’ dough and ask her to send him another 100,000 dollars, which she had to borrow. The restaurant will end up closing, she will be able to reopen it with money from investors, she will pay the landlord and the salaries and, again, they will close again for not paying employees or investors. Come on, he sets up a circus and the dwarfs grow up.

for a pizza

Plagued by debt, they flee. She continues to maintain even today that she was manipulated and that she never felt that she was running away nor was she aware that she was scamming anyone, but many of her employees and some of her investors do not believe that version. The wonderful thing is that they were caught because they paid for junk food at home with his card. The queen of healthy food ended up in jail for theft and tax fraud for a pizza from Domino’s Pizza. And all because the dog liked the guy.

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