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Cologne (ots) – – New online platform “Impact Diaries” from Fairtrade shows the effect of income projects – More authentic than ever: cocoa farmers are filming themselves – Actress Emilia Schüle and professional soccer player Neven Subotic support the project

Cologne (ots) – Impact Diaries is the name of the new platform on which Fairtrade presents projects for a living income. The special thing about it: In short video diaries they shot themselves, the producers report unfiltered and more authentically than ever about the effects and changes on site. The project’s patron is actress Emilia Schüle. “I am very fortunate that I can make a living from my work. Many people in West Africa’s cocoa sector cannot – even though they work so hard. We can and must change that,” said the 28-year-old, who has been working for a engaging better society.

“What does a good life cost?”

Football professional Neven Subotic also supports the project. In the new web documentation “What Does a Good Life Cost?” together with Schüle, he investigates what cocoa farmers need for a better life. “During my professional career, I learned very quickly that what matters in life is not what you have, but what you do,” explains the athlete. “For me, that means questioning yourself about what you are willing to contribute to ensuring that not only ourselves, but also other people have a good life.”

The web documentation tells about Mina Antiwaa, Bismark Domena and George Ansah from Ghana. In mobile phone videos they made themselves, they take viewers into their everyday life as cocoa farmers and report unadulterated about the results and challenges of a new on-site living income project. All three are members of the Fairtrade cooperative Fanteakwa, which grows the cocoa for the Rewe Group’s “Very Fair” private label chocolate. The beans for the cocoa mass of the chocolate are physically traceable. Producers also receive higher prices and a range of training opportunities. The aim is to ensure a living income for the members of the cooperative in the long term.

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“The Impact Diaries follow the basic principle of Fairtrade: People in the global south have their own say. This gives them more authentic insights than ever before: They give consumers the chance to change their perspective and the challenges facing cocoa farmers To experience the place, “says Claudia Brück, Head of Communication and Politics at Fairtrade Germany. “The videos provide a deep insight: They show the efforts that are needed to improve the income situation in the cocoa sector. But they also clearly show that something is moving and how important a holistic approach is.”

Fairtrade strategy for living income

With stable minimum prices and the Fairtrade premium for community projects on site, Fairtrade has been laying the foundation for better living conditions in the global south for years. But that alone is not enough for a living wage. For this reason, Fairtrade adopted its own strategy for living incomes and wages in 2017. This should enable the producers to send their children to school, to eat nutritious foods all year round, to invest in savings for unexpected setbacks and to be able to retire in dignity in old age.

You can find more about Fairtrade and living income on our topic page on the web (https://www.fairtrade-deutschland.de/was-ist-fairtrade/arbeitsschwerpunkte/existenzsichernde-einkommen-und-loehne) or at www.impactdiaries.de .

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