Fair play in the league: coach persuades players to own goals


Stuttgart Kickers
Paid into fair play account: Oberliga coach persuades players to own goals

Kickers coach Ramon Gehrmann still had a good laugh after the game. Shortly before half-time, he persuaded Lukas Kling (left) to score an own goal.

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An own goal from 40 meters caused a sensation on Saturday in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg. Lukas Kling shot in the wrong direction because his coach had persuaded him to do so. In the dressing room, Coach Ramon Gehrmann’s fair play gesture was not well received by everyone.

It’s been a few years since the Stuttgarter Kickers sank into the lowlands of German amateur football. On Saturday afternoon, the traditional club reported back with a remarkable campaign in soccer Germany. In the game report of the game against FC Nöttingen, an own goal is noted in the 45th minute. In this case, however, the scorer cannot be said to be unlucky. Because Lukas Kling purposely shot the ball on the goal of his keeper – and he let the ball pass. But how did this strange action come about?

Intentional or tripped up: Kickers trainer Gehrmann accommodating

In the 44th minute of the game, a Kickers player collides with his opponent while trying to defend himself. The Nöttinger remains lying on the lawn. One of his teammates gets the ball and trips it out of the way. The supposedly fouled man gets up again, but the throw-in for the Stuttgarter Kickers develops into a counterattack, which Kickers striker Christian Gilés closes to 2-0. So far so normal.

But the players from Nöttingen immediately complained about the goal to referee Jürgen Schätzle. And apparently refer to the unwritten football rule, according to which the ball is returned to the opposing team if they have intentionally pushed the game device out of bounds. “Many of my players had the impression that the ball had jumped and wasn’t deliberately played out”, Kickers coach Ramon Gehrmann later tried to explain. After the goal he had a brief discussion with the Nöttingen trainer and the referee – and the referee assured him that it was on purpose. Gehrmann proves greatness and persuades his players to take an extraordinary action. Nöttingen pushes the ball off kickers kickers Lukas Kling in the foot. It rotates and sinks the ball into its own box with a low shot from 40 meters. Keeper Bromma does not intervene.

Katholik Gehrmann loves journalists

According to coach Gehrmann, his gesture of fair play in the dressing room was not always met with understanding. And if the 46-year-old’s protégés hadn’t increased to 4-1 in the second half, the interviews after the game would undoubtedly not have been so relaxed. With a smile, the coach described the scene of the twelfth match day of the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg to the journalists at a press conference. He is Catholic and there is an account up there that you can deposit and withdraw into. This time you have paid in something and now hopefully a little credit again, says Gehrmann.

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